Bamboo Wood Eco-Wrist Watches For Men And Women

bamoo in harlem1 finalOne hundred percent of these watches are made of Bamboo wood resin for men and women. The body of this eco-friendly sport watch is perfectly timeless in design, no numbers, hand carved lines marking the hours and minutes.

Matte black hands and tick marks stand out on the light bamboo surface. The hands are black and each minute has a notch in the wood, and the 5-minute increments have a larger notch. This fine wood grain piece is hand crafted, with a wooden case, wooden back, and a wooden wrist strap perfect for hanging out at the Summerstage this Summer in Central Park and even a wooden handle for the hand adjustment stem, they are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly perfect for watching Love Under New Management, The Miki Howard Story with the girls.

bamboo in harlem2 finalIt’s a water-resistant piece but don’t put it in water to test it. The waterproof watch face comes with a plastic film over it, so surface doesn’t scratch. The watch band is constructed of bamboo wood, which has a relaxing scent that can calm the nerves and lightweight weight. The band is adjustable as you can remove to fit your wrist size to find a firmer or loose fit.

Nothing like a lifetime collectible from Shop Harlem.

Price: $43.99 (five star)

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