Bambi, Rudolph And Maybe Dancer Scene In Harlem


First on Friday, December 2nd 2016, Harlem World reported that a deer name “Lefty” was scene in Jackie Robeson Park, now it seems that “Lefty” told his deer friends.

Fox News reported that a crowd gathered around Jackie Robinson Park at 145th Street and Bradhurst Avenue in Harlem Thursday to gossip about and keep an eye on three of the neighborhood’s newest residents: deer.


Some people were taken by surprise as they walked down the street.

How this young buck and his two companions arrived in this park on this island in this nation’s largest city and how long they planned to stay they declined to inform the community.

But a few days into their tenure here, the neighborhood — seemingly universally — welcomed them.

NYCSB reported “He’s beautiful and he’s not shy at all,” Toni Lee said.

At 145th Street, the main attraction is on the move and so is the crowd.

“You can tell we’re all city folk because we’re out here with out cameras and we’re like, ‘It’s a deer,’” Lee said.

Keysean Borandax thinks the deer is Rudolph.

“Rudolph is a baby too, like that deer,” he said.

Others think it might be someone else.

“It’s Bambi,” Emmanuel Simantiris said.

A new initiative is hoping to school Harlemites and others on how to share the concrete jungle with the city’s abundant and fast-growing native wildlife population. Recently-launched Wildlife NYC campaign, which was sparked by the city’s burgeoning deer and coyote populations, urges people to treat all Harlemites and others with respect – including those with wings, hooves and tails.

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