Award Winning Harlem Author Nikki Grimes Launches New Harlem Renaissance Book

The new book Legacy: Women Poets of the Harlem Renaissance will be on bookshelves on January 5, 2020, authored by the award-winning author, Nikki Grimes.

Nikki was born in Harlem, gave her first public poetry reading at the age of 13 at the Countee Cullen Library, and has highlighted Harlem throughout her written works.

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She has created a legacy of her own as a poet, an artist, and a trailblazer in the children’s literature community with a voice that needs to be heard. She writes joyfully, unapologetically, and hopefully about Black women and girls often overlooked by society.

In Legacy, Nikki continues to leave readers in awe. Like today and always, women’s stories and accomplishments continue to fall out of historical record. While people have long associated legendary writers such as Langston Hughes and W.E.B. Du Bois with the Harlem Renaissance, many have not heard of Anne Spencer, Effie Lee Newsom, or Esther Popel.

Creating wholly original poems using the “Golden Shovel” method, Nikki brings the struggles, victories, pain, and joy experienced by these women poets of the Harlem Renaissance, whose contributions have been long overlooked, to the forefront.

Each poem is paired with unique illustrations from African-American women illustrators working today like Ekua Holmes, Pat Cummings, and Nina Crews. Together with a foreword, author’s note, poet biographies, and index this is not just a book – it’s a masterpiece of art forms.

Photo credit: Nikki Grimes credit Aaron Lemen.

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