HW Pick: Art Therapy Helps Pediatric Patients Medically And More

harlem pickPediatric patients at NYU Langone Medical Center created artistic flower pots for their moms in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday. Not only did this craft make their mothers proud, but it was also part of their treatment. Pediatric patients from NYU Langone Medical Center decorated flower pots and making paper flowers to put in the pots. The patients gave the pots to their moms for Mother’s Day, and also some will be displayed at the 25th Anniversary of KiDS of NYU Langone Springfling gala on May 10th – that will spell out THANK YOU. The event supports child life services such as: enhance clinical and supportive care for children at NYU Langone, foster research into childhood illnesses, and promote an atmosphere that is sensitive to the unique needs of children and families.

Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy – Using Play and Art to Promote a Positive Hospital Experience

A hospital experience can be scary and unsettling for patients and their entire family. Illness, injury, unfamiliar environment and routines, painful procedures, and separation from family and friends may cause varying levels of stress, sometimes even resulting in significant psychological trauma.

Benefits of play and expressive activities:

  • Decrease emotional distress and promote coping
  • Promote expression of thoughts and feelings associated with illness and hospitalization
  • Promote physical recovery
  • Decrease the need for pain medications
  • Increase overall patient and family satisfaction
    • (American Academy of Pediatrics. Child life services policy statement. PEDIATRICS Volume 133, Number 5, May 2014)

Photo credit: Pediatric patient in the white shirt is 12-year-old Kennedy Foley.

Via NYU Langone Medical Center

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