The Raz Report: Are the Cavaliers Waving the White Flag?

June 7, 2016

640x0By Marc Rasbury

We waited all year for this? That is a question not a statement. When the Cleveland Cavaliers limped off the court in last years NBA Finals, we all wanted to see what would have happened if they met in this year Finals and both teams were healthy. Now after two blowouts that led to a 2-0 Golden State lead, the word “sweep” is now in play. It is not just because the Warriors are up 2 games to 0, but the Cavs look as if they are ready the surrender their claim to the title.

This is what we wanted. We wanted a Cavs-Warriors rematch of the NBA Finals. Unfair or not, we are still waiting for LeBron James to put his finger print on this series. Yes, he chipped in  with two near triple doubles but those statistics appear to be empty calories. Kyrie Irving also has put decent numbers but he did it by chucking up an absurd number of shots to get those numbers. And where in the hell is JR Smith? He has only put up 9 shots in 69 total minutes. You can’t have a shooting guard who does not shoot. This is a bad situation and needs to be corrected quickly.

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The Warriors on the other hand are clicking on all cylinders. They blew out the healthy Cavs with their two best players only scoring a combined 20 points. Shaun Livingston, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodola, Andrew Bogut and Leonardo Barbosa more than picked up the slack. In Game 1, Livingston dropped 20 points off the bench and in Game 2, Green scorched the Cavs with 28 points. I bet you the Cavs will not leave Green open in Games 3 and 4.

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The Warriors are the most complete and deepest team since the Pistons of the early ‘90’s and Knicks of the early ‘70’s. They can beat you so many ways and they are showing you this in this series. I hope this series makes it back to San Francisco but if the Cavs do not get their act together, this series will be over by this weekend.

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