Are QR Codes The Future?

Do you know QR codes? And have you ever used them? Chances are you have used them somewhere without knowing.

And if you know them, what is their future? Are they here to stay? Yeah, those squares with black-and-white patterns are the ones tech enthusiasts and experts refer to as QR codes.

QR code generators are behind these little squares with black-and-white patterns. When you scan QR codes with Android phones or iOS devices, you can be instantly directed to a social media page/profile, a landing page or allowed to access a restaurant menu or a Wi-Fi internet. With QR codes, it is just like living in the future.

Why is QR Codes’ Popularity Steadily Increasing?

The popularity of QR codes has been increasing in recent years. So why are they becoming more and more popular? Let’s see some of the reasons behind this huge increase.

Ability to Store a Large Amount of Data and Multimedia

Quick response codes can store over 7,000 characters, which is why they are more popular than barcodes. They’re a powerful and perfect tool for storing important information like Wi-Fi passwords.

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Additionally, quick response codes can direct users to websites with hundreds of pages, showing their capability to keep a large amount of information. Remember, they store text and multimedia content such as images, videos and audio.


Everything linked to QR codes is affordable, from initial to maintenance costs. And what is more? You don’t need extensive training to generate, use and maintain your quick response codes.

On top of that, you don’t have to purchase separate scanners because all you need is an Android or iOS device. The latest devices come with in-built scanners that you can use to scan and access the information you need.

What is the Future of QR Codes? Most Promising Use Cases

Different sectors are integrating QR codes into their daily activities and operations. The most rising opportunities for quick response codes’ future include creating interactive experiences and facilitating touchless operations.

Currently, interactive experience engages consumers more excellently than before. Since QR codes are able to connect the physical and virtual worlds, it is easier to create interactive experiences for your audience. Quick response codes allow you to accomplish that through instant access to websites and coupons.

When it comes to touchless operations, social distancing has been a common thing since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, different businesses, including supermarkets, pubs and restaurants, have been using touchless payment options that QR codes facilitate.

With all these benefits and opportunities, you should only expect QR codes’ popularity to increase in the coming months and years.

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