Architecture Through the Eyes Of The Artist Moderated by David Zhai In Harlem

Architecture Through the Eyes of The Artist moderated by David ZhaiMeet the artists in Uncommon Landscapes and delve deeper into how they visualize spatial concepts and disrupt our ideas around form and construction. 

Capucine Bourcart deconstructs architecture in photo collages that cause you to investigate the surfaces and secrets of the city; while Sui Park constructs landscapes, horizons and forms creating new surfaces and secrets for exploration.  David Zhai, co-founder of Co-Office, a design firm that takes a unique approach to how we interact with and conceive of space, will query both Capucine and Sui about their view of landscapes, cityscapes, surfaces and forms.   The discussion will explore the artists’ process, how we may re-envision spaces, and the influence of visual artists on 21st Century design and architecture.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016,6-8pm.

Discussion begins at 6:30pm


Art In FLUX, 163 Lenox Avenue between 118th and 119th Streets, Harlem, New York,

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