Apollo Theater Inducts Billie Holiday

By Albert Trotman

Monday, April 6th 2015 Billie Holiday was inducted into the Apollo Theater’s Walk of Fame. On hand leading the ceremony was Apollo President and CEO, Jonelle Procope. Violinist Kersten Stevens and 15 year old singer Eden Duncan Smith, both performed Billie Holiday’s music under the Apollo marquee.

The special guest for the ceremony was Grammy winner Cassandra Wilson who spoke about Billie Holiday’s greatness in glowing terms. A few nights later on April 10th 2015, Cassandra Wilson made her debut performance at the Apollo, singing songs from the album “Coming Forth By Day” a celebration of Billie Holiday.

Dr. Lester W. Young Jr. was also in attendance. He spoke of the musical bond his father Lester Young had with Billie Holiday.  He thanked Cassandra Wilson for including on the album “Last Song (For Lester) a song from Billie Holiday to Lester Young.

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