An American Apparel Store Closes On Upper Manhattan

amrican apparel closes in upper west sideAfter filing for bankruptcy back in October, American Apparel has been quietly but quickly closing selected stores throughout the city. The most recent shuttering happened at their iconic Lower East Side location, and now the trendy basics brand has cleared out another Upper West Side location, this time at 109th Street and Columbus Avenue.

West Side Rag reports that the outpost has been selling everything in the store, down to the seductively-posed mannequins. From the looks of it, those might be your only option if you were hoping to swoop in and pick up some last-minute merch, because besides that, the store is nothing but drawers and hangers and a few discarded shelves.

It’s unclear whether this is one of the 13 stores that American Apparel filed with the courts to close (remember, four of those stores are the entirety of Oak, effectively wiping out the brand it acquired just a few years ago).

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