A’Lelia Walker’s Sterling Silver Flask

A’Lelia Walker carried a flask, especially after Prohibition became the law of the land. In her case, of course, the flask was sterling silver, befitting her love of fine things.

The monogram LWR–is for Lelia Walker Robinson–suggesting that she had it made before her marriage to Dr. Wiley Wilson (her second husband, whom she married in June 1919) and before she changed her name from “Lelia” to “A’Lelia.”

This treasure comes from the Madam Walker/A’Lelia Walker Family Archives, and for more information regarding A’Lelia Walker and about the Walker Family Archives, contact A’Lelia Bundles.

Ms. Bundles is writing her new biography of A’Lelia Walker (1885-1931) her great-grandmother and the only daughter of entrepreneur and philanthropist Madam C. J. Walker, where she is posting more stories about the discoveries she has been making.

Listen to the HW Radio Show live conversation with Ms. A’Lelia Bundles regarding Madam Walker in Harlem here.

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