African American Faith Leaders & Hundreds Of Congregants To Rally Against Fur Ban

Today at 3:00 PM ET at the steps of New York City Hall, hundreds of African American faith leaders and their parishioners will rally against a City Council proposal to ban the sale of real fur. Fur has significant cultural, religious, and historical significance to African-Americans, who are among the biggest consumers of fur products.

Attendees say the ban discriminates against their community and their right to buy and wear products of their own choosing.

  • Rev. Dr. Johnnie Green, Mount Nebo Baptist Church and Mobilizing Preachers and Communities (MPAC)
  • Rev. Al Cockfield, Jr., COO of God’s Battalion of Prayer Ministries
  • Jackie Rowe-Adams, Harlem Mothers SAVE
  • Dr. Una Clarke, Former Councilmember
  • Hundreds of congregants from all five boroughs

Today, May 8, 3 PM ET

New York City Hall, City Hall Park, New York, NY 10007

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