Advantages Of Increasing Your Testosterone Levels

January 20, 2021

Testosterone is primarily a male hormone essential for the growth of muscles, bones, and sex organs. Women also have this hormone in their ovaries in minimal quantities. If the levels of this anabolic hormone increase in women, they tend to show masculine characteristics. On the other hand, men with a deficiency of testosterone suffer from their muscles’ low development. Some men develop boobs like women and suffer from a lack of facial hair. Low levels of testosterone also lower the libido of men. Doctors recommend hormone therapy to patients suffering from low levels of testosterone to get rid of various problems associated with testosterone deficiency.

In this article, we will understand the most critical advantages of increasing your testosterone levels.

Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

Before knowing how beneficial testosterone is for your physical and mental health, it is vital to learn about various ways in which you can receive this hormone. 

There are both natural and medical ways of receiving testosterone hormone for your body. It depends upon your liking which method you choose to boost testosterone levels in your body. 

Many food items contain ingredients used by the human body to synthesize this all-important hormone. These food items include garlic, onion, tuna fish, egg yolk, and oyster.

Testosterone is also available in the form of health supplements off the shelf in the market. A particular product, Testogen, which is made from natural ingredients, can help increase the levels of testosterone in your body. Doctors give injections of testosterone in the form of therapy to help patients suffering from its deficiency. Testosterone therapy offers quick results when it is injected directly into the patient’s body. 

You will find many products in the market that are cream or gel-based. Manufacturers claim that these products contain testosterone, and it gets absorbed by the skin of the individual slowly and gradually. These creams are fantastic for men who hate needles. The only drawback of these cream-based testosterone products is that absorption of hormones is a slow and gradual process.

Some companies make patches containing testosterone to help people with low levels of testosterone. These patches are similar to creams because the hormone is slowly released and absorbed in the body of the user. However, there is no storage problem associated with patches like creams. 

Important Functions of Testosterone

Testosterone plays a vital role in determining the masculine characteristics in a man.  Men produce this hormone in high quantities during their adolescence. The production of testosterone goes down with each passing year after a man attains the age of 30. A man feels decreasing testosterone levels as he grows old in the form of reduced muscles, increased fat, and low libido. Here are some of the critical roles played by testosterone in the body of a man. 

  • Decides the kind of muscle and bone growth a man experiences
  • Growth of facial and pubic hair
  • Deep voice 
  • Energy levels, particular sex drive
  • The overall mood of the individual
  • Ability to think cogently 
  • Quality of memory

With such vital characteristics affected by testosterone, it becomes necessary to boost this hormone’s levels when you notice their deficiency in your body.

Help in Fat Reduction and Muscle Development

Do you feel you are gaining a lot of fat despite controlling your diet and doing regular exercises? If yes, then lowering levels of testosterone may be the culprit in your case. If you have consulted your doctor, and he too feels the role of testosterone in fat accumulation, you must try to consume pills to increase testosterone levels in your body. Testosterone therapy can help in building lean mass muscle while reducing the fat deposited in your body. In some cases, intake of testosterone reduces fat but does not affect the growth of muscles. If this is the case, your doctor might ask you to do strength and cardio workouts to gain muscle mass.

Because of this ability to help gain lean muscle mass, testosterone products have become very popular among bodybuilders and all those who want to grow muscles. 

It Improves Bone Density

Osteoporosis is a medical condition generally associated with females. Doctors often advise women over 40 to take calcium and vitamin D tablets to prevent their bones’ deterioration. However, men also suffer from decreasing bone density after the age of 40. Their bones become brittle and liable to splintering with advancing age. By taking testosterone injections, the chances of bones becoming brittle go down significantly as testosterone increases the concentration of minerals in bones. As the testosterone quantities produced by the human body go down with each passing year after 30, mineral density decreases, and bones become brittle and liable to break down quickly. Stress and decreasing levels of testosterone leech out minerals from your bones, and they become more and more brittle as you become aged. Replacement of Lost minerals is not possible in old age. Taking testosterone therapy or consuming this hormone in the form of supplements can help in increasing bone density. 

Helps in Improving Libido

Young boys are sexually very active and full of energy because of high testosterone levels. However, these levels decrease gradually with each passing year after they turn 30. Men start to lose interest in sex, and they also have inferior quality erections. All this happens because of decreasing levels of testosterone. One of the most significant advantages of boosting testosterone levels in a man’s body is to increase his libido. Higher levels of testosterone lead to quicker and stringer arousal and a higher interest in sex-related activities. 

You will not become a superman in the bed with your partner after taking testosterone for a few months. It is just that you will feel the difference in your libido levels with increased levels of testosterone. Benefits for your libido taper off once testosterone levels become normal. 

High testosterone levels are usually associated with intense arousal and sexually active men. However, if a man has erectile dysfunction, he may not benefit from testosterone therapy. If you are over 40 and feel that the quality of your erections has become poor, taking testosterone supplements might be helpful for your libido. 

Aids in Fat Loss

One of the crucial signs of decreasing levels of testosterone in the body is weight gain. It is a proven fact that testosterone helps in burning body fat. It is a complex metabolic process that is still not very clear to scientists. There is a direct correlation between fat gain and lowering levels of this critical male hormone. Taking testosterone supplements for some time may not result in fat loss. However, it will make your system healthy and burn fat rather than store it inside your body. Studies have shown that men with the highest levels of this male hormone were also those with the least body fat. 

If you are worried because of a potbelly that refuses to go away despite making sincere efforts, it is time to take testosterone supplements.  Replenishing decreasing levels of testosterone will help get rid of excess fat stored in your abdomen. The same is the case with men who cannot get a 6-pack ab despite working hard in the gym. Increasing T levels in the body through testosterone supplements is one way of losing stubborn body fat. 

Testosterone plays a crucial role in the regulation of fat, glucose, and insulin metabolism. When T levels go down considerably, restriction of the metabolism of all three slows down. The result is that adipose tissue accumulation (generally known as fatty tissue) starts in the body. Adding salt to the injury is that fat accumulation further lowers testosterone levels in the body and becomes a vicious cycle. The stored fat gets converted into estrogen, a female hormone, to make things worse for the individual. 

Testosterone Makes Your Heart Healthy

Many researchers agree that high levels of testosterone in the body lead to a healthy and robust heart. Some health experts believe men with high T levels stand at a higher risk of cardiovascular ailments, while others say that the converse is true. The picture of testosterone’s effects on heart health may not be obvious, but high testosterone levels are directly related to the individual’s overall health. A recent study carried out on 83,000 men found that boosting testosterone levels reduced the chances of a heart attack by 24% and a stroke by 36%. It means that to live long and avoid heart ailments, you need to keep testosterone levels high inside your body. 

You Become More Assertive and Confident 

Low testosterone levels are associated with an inferior quality of life with nervousness, anxiety, and irritable personality. Some men show symptoms of fatigue and even depression without any medical reason. Most of these symptoms reduce significantly when these men receive testosterone therapy. Testosterone can make men more confident and assertive. Men who can assert themselves and also defend themselves aggressively usually have high levels of testosterone. Lack of confidence is not a medical condition, but it costs dearly as the individual loses out to other men because of low morale. People with low testosterone levels cannot speak up for their rights and continue to live a low quality of life. 

Testosterone for a Happier Mood

Do people say you have become fussy and irritable? Is stress at the workplace taking a heavy toll on the quality of life? Are you troubled by symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue? If your answers to these questions is a resounding yes, you are the right candidate for testosterone therapy. All symptoms mentioned above may be related to lower T levels. A low mood and high-stress cause leaching of nutrients from the system, making it difficult for the body to repair damages. It further reduces the T levels inside the body, making it a vicious loop. Increasing testosterone levels may help you in improving your mood. 

High T Levels Help in Warding Off Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a grim reality of life that ruins the quality of life of the individual. With advancing age, the chances of developing this degenerative disease increase considerably. Low levels of testosterone increase the chances of developing Alzheimer’s. It is good to start taking testosterone supplements made using natural ingredients to ward off this dreaded ailment. 

Testosterone May Help in Fighting Depression 

Depression has become a big problem in present times, afflicting millions of people across the country. Men suffering from depression are generally deficient in the male hormone testosterone. If medication has not produced the desired result in your depression, it is time to do something to your low levels of testosterone. Research has shown that low levels of testosterone correlate with symptoms of depression. However, it is still unclear whether depression lowers testosterone levels or testosterone levels induce symptoms of depression. Patients suffering from depression have reported improvement in their symptoms after taking testosterone treatment.

You Feel Good Despite Advancing Age

Many people hate growing old as old age symptomizes sickness and lack of agility. These men do not realize that they have less energy and more stress that causes all the problems. By taking testosterone regularly, you can solve most of the issues associated with old age. You feel better and think that age is just a number when you have high testosterone levels in your body. It happens because you are active with high energy levels, and you sleep correctly to get full rest for your body and mind. You still enjoy a busy sex life with a healthy and strong libido. You have a healthy heart and low cholesterol levels, and you are as fit as you were when you were young. 

Suppose you feel many of your physical and mental problems are related to low testosterone levels in your body. In that case, you can consult a doctor to receive treatment for this deficiency. You can also increase the intake of food items that naturally boost the production of this male hormone. You can try to add testosterone supplements readily available in the market to your daily diet. There is no need to wait any longer. One simple step can change the condition and direction of your life.

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