Add Extra Storage Space And Maximize Kitchen Capacity With A Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf

Arrangement of busy commercial kitchens is not a straightforward task. The limited area can become a real obstacle to the quick and hassle-free performance of the staff in your food establishment. However, manufacturers of metal equipment for commercial use take care of your business needs. Lots of reputable suppliers of stainless steel products offer a sound solution that helps to maximize room capacity, boost productivity, and facilitate the routine of your personnel. A stainless steel microwave shelf is one of those choices that will drastically improve the work of your restaurant or café, as well as add more convenience and an aesthetic component to private spaces. There are even more convincing and undeniable reasons why a stainless steel microwave shelf can become a great purchase:

Free up space on the countertop. If such a bulky and heavy household appliance such as a microwave is located on the table where all meal preparation activities take place, preventing fast and simplified food prep processes, then it’s time to invest in a stainless steel microwave shelf. Mounted to the vertical wall, it will optimize storage capacity, and you can offload your work surfaces from big items.

Multiple applications. A stainless steel microwave shelf is perfect not only for holding heavy devices. You can place utensils, kitchen accessories, goods, spices, bottles, and other tools. Everything that you want to keep within the reach is possible to securely store on the vertical space. Install such equipment above the table, and your working zone will become even more ergonomically-friendly.

Smooth and effortless cleaning. Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials that are easy to sanitize, allowing you to remove odors, grime, and stains by the simple movement of a soft sponge and a warm soapy solution. No special treatment is required as in the case with wooden shelves. Moreover, steel is impervious to mold, mildew, or fungus. Also, excessive moisture won’t destroy its integrity. Thus, if food safety is a top priority for you, pick only a hard-wearing, resistant to corrosion and rust, and water repellent stainless steel microwave shelf. Moreover, no scratches and fingerprints will bother you. Only stainless steel shelves remain aesthetically pleasing through the years of heavy application, frequent washing, and the impact of temperature fluctuations.

Durability and steadiness. The sturdy structure allows you to avoid troubles with falling objects, as attached to the wall with reliable fastening, it can hold a massive microwave, juicier, or even a food processor. Withstanding wear and pressure, such a shelf will exceed your expectations, operating for decades without losing properties.

Stainless steel prep table with wheels and other must-have equipment types

There are different categories of commercial kitchen equipment. Janitorial, refrigeration, storage, meal prep equipment. And it will be difficult to imagine an unimpeded operation of the food establishment without competently arranged working zones. A stainless steel table with casters, extra vertical shelving, 3 compartment sinks, gooseneck faucets, utility carts, bakery sheet pan racks, dunnage racks, prep tables with under-shelves are essential for any catering business. If you seek a reliable solution, you can select the heavy-duty stainless steel commercial equipment that fits your needs from the AmGoodSupply catalog of products to make sure you get longevity, robustness, and excellent quality.

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