Add A Toolbox And Other 6 Items To Upgrade Your Off-Road UTE In Australia 

October 24, 2023

Is there a better way to spend your vacation than going on an off-road adventure with your beloved UTE?

Hop into the driver’s cabin and drive off with some loving company. Invite your off-road friends who love adventures and head to a designated track where challenges await.

If you own a UTE and love these kinds of adventures, ensure your vehicle is running on 4×4 wheel drive. This is an essential part that is not easy to replace or upgrade. It comes as a factory model, so make sure you own this kind of vehicle, as this is highly important for your adventures.

Everything else that will improve your experience can be upgraded, changed, or installed. If you’re thinking about doing so, you are probably thinking about your options. We’re here to show you what your options are. Keep reading and find out how to improve your UTE and make it more off-road suitable.

1. Toolbox canopy

A toolbox canopy installed over the rear tray is the perfect way to store everything needed for an off-road adventure. When you’re hitting the trail, you must sleep somewhere, which is why off-roading and camping are deeply connected. Almost all offroaders are campers at the same time.

A toolbox canopy is the ultimate best solution for storing all necessities for a flawless trip. These boxes are big enough to store not just the essentials, but also many other bigger items. Some people will even adjust the toolbox canopy and use it as a remote bedroom instead of carrying a tent that they’ll place on the ground.

2. Undertray tool boxes around the rear wheels

Similar to the tool boxes installed over the rear tray, there’s the tiny version of the undertray toolbox that goes under the UTE’s tray. Install at least two around the rear wheels and use them for those items that are small enough to fit inside, but you’ll need them in specific situations.

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For example, a knife, a battery lamp, the first aid kit, or something similar needs to be within hand reach at all times. Instead of storing them somewhere in the canopy and looking for them in panic, you can place them in the undertray toolbox and have them accessible whenever needed.

3. Additional front lighting

Much of the off-road driving happens at night. Even if you’re not fond of driving in the darkness, you’ll have to do it at times because you can’t precisely plan everything that will be happening to you on the track.

Install additional lights in the front and use them when you find yourself in this situation. If you install enough lights on the roof and around the windshield, you can be sure that there will never be a situation in which you’ll struggle to see what’s in front of you. You’ll feel like you’re driving in daylight.

4. Jerry can holders

Off-road tracks are very long. Some of them stretch for more than 1000 kilometres. This is a length that is hardly possible to drive with one reservoir. In many situations, gas stations are only available at one stop, after which you’re left on your own.

One small mistake, and you’re left without gas. That’s why carrying jerry cans filled with gas is a smart thing to do. However, jerry cans may fall off or spill out while driving through the bumps and holes in the road. That’s why you need to install a perfectly tailored jerry can holder.

5. Generator box

Another thing campers can’t do without is the power generator. Instead of letting your vehicle run non-stop, you can turn on the power generator and have all your appliances work without a problem.

Whether it is a laptop, a coffee machine, or the charges for your smartphone, one power generator will have everything working 24/7. The power generator is an expensive machine, and you don’t want anything happening to it while driving through the uneven road. That’s why a specially-designed power generator box will have it fixed in its place and prevent any damage.

6. A roof rack

The roof rack is an item that comes in handy in many situations. The first role it has is storing bigger objects and items that can’t fit inside the toolbox canopy. Another role is to fix the tent you might want to set on the top of your vehicle instead of on the ground. There are many other uses for the roof rack.

Many vehicles will have this one installed by default. With a roof rack on the top, there’s no activity you can’t do. Adventurers will mount their kayaks, skis, and almost everything else you might think of up there. Even going hunting is not a problem, as the prey can easily fit and get transported on the roof rack.

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