Actor Chosen To Play Harlem’s “Candy Man” Sammy Davis Jr In New Biopic

Talk of the film Scandalous, which will explore the love story between Harlem born Sammy Davis Jr. and Kim Novak, has been in motion for a while and we now know who will portray “The Candy Man” singer.

It looks like Emmy nominated Jeremy Pope has landed the leading role.

Pope is an up and coming actor but is already making an impression in Hollywood and on Broadway. He received two Tony nominations for his performance in the Broadway hit Choir Boy and was recently nominated for an Emmy for his role in the Netflix series, Hollywood.

The film will be directed by Janet Mock, who stars on the hit FX series Pose and works as a writer and director for the Netflix series Hollywood. Mock is the first transwoman to secure a studio deal with the streaming giant. Sammy Davis Jr. was known for breaking color barriers within the entertainment industry.

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As an actor, singer, and comedian among others, he will always be remembered for his talents however his personal life and one particular love interest will forever be apart of his story.

Davis Jr. had a controversial romance with actress Kim Novak during the late 50s when interracial relationships were still illegal. Though this pair didn’t stay together long, in 1960 the “Porgy and Bess” actor went on to marry his first wife, another actress, May-Britt.

Production has yet to announce a release date for the film reports TV One and has yet to find an actress to portray Kim Novak.

Photo credit: 1) Sammy Davis Jr. 2) May Brit.

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