AC Care And Maintenance Tips From The Experts

November 17, 2020

One of the most important appliances any household has is the AC unit. Every homeowner should perform regular maintenance on their air conditioners to ensure its effectiveness and high performance.

The key is to educate yourself on the most significant and common AC issues that cause breakdowns, extending its lifespan, and improving the quality of life at home. Prolonged usage of an air conditioner can lead to many problems, especially if homeowners don’t take the preventative measures to maintain these appliances. If you want to learn more about the helpful ways to keep AC units performing at peak efficiency, then read on to understand these expert tips for air conditioner care and maintenance.

Removing Debris in the Exterior Compressor

Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring the exterior compressor/condenser to the point where it’s overflowing with debris that hinders efficiency levels. You must clean the outdoor unit to extend the AC’s life and reduce energy consumption levels. Clearing the condensate line from all the mildew, leaves, dirt, mud, and any other type of debris will improve the indoor unit’s performance. Use a screwdriver or wrench to unfasten the compressor cage’s hooks, lifting it to clear a path for cleaning the inner part of the compressor’s fins. Rinse the fan, cage, and fins with a garden hose to clean all the dirt and dust. Never use a pressure cleaner on this unit because it may damage the fins. For extra performance, straighten the fins using a knife or a fin-straightening tool. Leave every part out to dry for 10 to 15 minutes, then reassemble the compressor before turning the air conditioner inside on.

Maintaining the Filter

Another important part of air conditioners is the filters that attract and traps harmful air particles to improve the room’s air quality. Filters are essential components that ensure the cooling system’s efficiency levels, keeping it running properly for better cooling results. The suggested way for cleaning air conditioner filters by AC specialists is to wash them with warm water and use bleach or baking soda to remove mold or hardened dust. Rinsing the filter again will remove and kill all mold patches and improve the odor of the filter. Another effective and safe way to clean them is by gently using a vacuum with a brush attachment; this is an excellent alternative if the filter is too big for the sink. Never reinstall the filter when it’s still wet or damp, and you shouldn’t turn on your AC unit without the filter. 

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Inspecting the Thermostat

To ensure effective temperature regulation levels indoors, every homeowner must inspect the thermostat with regular maintenance steps. Most modern thermostats work as a digital panel that is easily programmable, giving you complete control of the air conditioner’s settings. The key is to check if the thermostat’s setting was reset randomly, hindering the appliance’s cooling or performance levels. Consider upgrading the system if it has faulty mechanisms that reset your programmable settings frequently. Depending on how old it is, replacing it with a newer thermostat version won’t be expensive, and it can tremendously reduce energy and utility costs over time.

Clean the Evaporator Coil and Drain

The blower has an evaporator coil inside that can accumulate dust and debris. Homeowners must use a soft brush to clear out all the dust and dirt, clearing the pathway for better performance. To clean the hardened gunk or deposits, use a no-rinse coil cleaner spray to clear it all away. You may also use water and detergent to clean the gunk if the coil cleaner spray isn’t available. The evaporator drain will have a buildup of moisture, causing mold and algae to form; this will clog the drain, causing leaks and bad odors that ruin performance levels. Disassembling the drain pipe will give you more room to rinse or vacuum the drain to get rid of clogs and debris, ensuring that air vents and motors stay functional.

Air conditioners need frequent maintenance to ensure peak functionality, performing well without consuming too much energy or increasing utility costs. The last thing you need is a broken-down unit when you need to relax indoors, causing a major nuisance that disturbs the comfort of your home. You must understand the steps that you can handle alone and the ones you can’t. Hiring experts are worth the cost when you realize the value you get from their services, avoiding improper handling that may cause serious damage. Consider using these valuable tips to keep your air conditioner running smoothly with minimal repairs or unforeseen expenses.

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