A$AP Rocky And A$AP Ferg Body Slam A Troll On Instagram Live (Video)

Instagram live has given users more access to artists, but as the ASAP Mob proved recently, it works both ways. During a broadcast on A$AP Ferg‘s account, he, Rocky, and Nast were reminiscing about some of their Harlem stories when they were confronted by a troll. The user, who Rocky soon pointed out was @Penny_IV, took a playful jab at Nast, saying he looked like the actor from Jason’s Lyric (Bokeem Woodbine). After laughing at the comparison, Rocky insisted on pulling up the user’s profile, pinning the comment to the live session and scrolling through his pictures for a full-on roast.

“I’m ’bout to body this n—a,” said Rocky, “We gon’ roast your ass.”

The whole crew goes on to call the guy a “fake-ass Kriss Kross reject,” “fake Bryson Tiller,” “fake White Beatle,” “Sremmurd Sremmurd,” “Rain Drop, Drop Top face-ass,” “DeVry university-ass,” closing with the suggestion; “don’t ever come at the gang.” While it was all in good fun on the Mob’s part, it’s probably advice worth taking.

Of course, you’ll have to watch the clip to get the full experience. It all starts at 2:20.

Here’s the video (language):

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