A National Night Out For A Drug-Free World in Harlem

out2Here are great photographs series of Harlemites showing their support for a drug free world sent to us from Meghan Fialkoff with The Foundation for a Drug-Free World in July 2015 in Harlem. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World had two booths for the family friendly event during the National Night Out in Harlem.



They had one booth with the 25th Precinct and another one with the 32nd Precinct in Harlem. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World held 6 events in total in New York State and New Jersey.

For more information at drugfreeworld.org and foundationforadrugfreeworldnewyorkchapter.org.

Photo credit: by Tameek Williams teemonee.com.

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"The Clark Legacy Drs Kenneth and Mamie Clark and their work" This post is made in partnership with Harlem Cultural Archives.

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