A Designer’s Guide To A Modern Look For Men

March 4, 2020

By Bretton Love

When it comes to modern dressing, there is no one style that fits all.  Your looks need to be tailored to the personality of the person, the event or affair that is taking place, and the purpose of the look. What you have in your closet will need to be versatile and so will you too, because you do not just identify yourself through one thing like your work, or your hobbies.


Being fashion-forward with a modern look these days involves a combination of mixing function with fashion.  As a modern man, your schedule is busy and you are always on the go. You shouldn’t have to carry multiple outfits for your outings. This collection from Visvim incorporates exactly what you need for your active lifestyle without sacrificing looking good.  Your jackets and boots don’t just have to protect you from the elements, but can also show your personality too.


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Let’s face it, sometimes, you might just want to take a break, spend the day at home relaxing without having to get out of your sweatpants or sweatshirts.  Honestly, in terms of versatility, sweatpants and hoodies have made their way into fashion-forward looks in recent years and there is no sign that they are going anywhere.  Like their yoga pants counterpart, the sweatpants have become the flexible and versatile look where comfort takes top priority.  But that’s not to say these pieces don’t have an aesthetic feel to match their comfort, as there are many designer and brand name options out there to keep you feeling relaxed no matter the situation.


When it comes to footwear, runners and sneakers have become prevalent on the streets and fashion runways alike.  Sneakers aren’t just for kids anymore, running shoes and sneakers have become big business because companies recognize how important your shoes are when it comes to active lifestyles and fashion forwardness alike.  The versatility of a good pair of sneakers can take you from the gym to the club. Just make sure to take good care of them, avoiding scuffs and creases.


When talking about the modern style, this doesn’t necessarily mean straying away from the classics.  Like many classics, a suit is just one of those things that never go out of style. Sure, some fashion trends can disappear and resurface as retro, but a suit should always have a spot in your closet.  The important thing to remember about your suits, like your other pieces of clothing, is the fit needs to be right. You should be getting tailored suits no matter the style, as an ill-fitting suit has been long outdated, and if you’re honest with yourself, it was never a good look in the first place.

Shirts and Polos

Sometimes, an occasion calls for semi-casual.  The setting still calls to be professional but is not as strict as a business or work setting.  Your closet should have pieces of versatility that can cater to the occasion. Tops like polos or collared shirts can still give you that sense of maturity without sacrificing comfort.  Unless the shirt is made to be worn untucked, it is always a good idea to tuck your shirts. Tailoring can come into play again to ensure you aren’t wearing anything too big, or too small, as a shirt that fits too tightly can make you appear as if you brought your clothing while you were still growing into it.

Shoes and Belts

Not every event or venue is going to allow for sneakers or running shoes.  Not everywhere you go is going to be appropriate to wear them either, regardless of how simple the color palette is.  Even the cleanest or whitest pair of runners should be left home at times for shoes that are a little dressier. In order to be fashion ready for any event, it is a good idea to have a couple of pairs of dress shoes in brown and black, and have a matching belt to pair with it.  Your belts and shoes should match as to give you a sense of balance for your outfit as to not draw too much attention to either. But feel free to wear colors that will contrast the suit or shirt and pants you are wearing, to add some life into your outfit.


Accessories are a great way to add some extra flavor or flash to any look.  Hats for casual wear, a pair of designer sunglasses that properly frame your face, some bright socks, or a pocket square on your suit can all be accessories that you can wear to accentuate a look.  The only thing you should be concerned about is overdoing it with too many accessories. Too many flashy pieces and your accessories go from interesting talking points that compliment your look, to distracting attention and pulling it away from you.

There are many ways to modernize and upgrade your look.  It is a good idea to have a balance of different pieces and outfits in your wardrobe to be able to dress for any and every occasion.  Versatility is key.

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