A Beginner’s Guide To Dry Herb VS. Wax Vapes

February 8, 2021

Smoking has many damaging effects on the body, especially on the lungs.

Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking. With the increase in the use of vaping, many types of vaping devices have been introduced. Varieties of vapes include dry herb and wax vapes.

Both types of vapes are portable pens that you can carry around in your pocket. They are great for traveling as they also come in a case. They are designed to be easy to use, and you can adjust the temperature according to your likes. Apart from these similarities, there are many differences between the two kinds to help you make your decision.

How to Use Them

Their consumption is the main difference between the two. If you want to smoke any wax concentrates, then wax vapes are the option for you. Wav vapes are made from an extract or concentrated form of a plant, and it appears similar to an e-cigarette.

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On the other hand, with dry herb vapes, you can consume dry cannabis flowers vapors. It is not similar to an e-cigarette as it does not contain liquid cartridges. Wax vapes are mostly hard to find in most places; you can opt for a dry herb vaporizer in this case.

Loading Process of Vapes

There is a difference between the loading function of both the vaping pens. This process can be messy depending upon the type of ingredient you are using. When using a dry herb vaporizer, you will have to ground herbs before putting them in the chamber.

The process of a wax vape loading is messier than a dry herb vaporizer. You are dealing with sticky waxes and oil, which can end up producing a mess while filling it. You can minimize the spilling process by ensuring that your pen is not over-packed with the ingredient.

Control Temperature

You can get access to temperature control features if you use a dry herb vaporizer. By changing the temperature, you can select the size of the vapors produced.

Different types of dry herb pens are available in the market, allowing you to change your vaping device’s temperature. You can also select to alter the temperature by a single degree.

Vaping Device Chambers

Both the vapes have a significant difference in their chambers. Wax vapes have coils made up of quartz rods, which are wrapped around with nickel-chromium alloy. You will need to continually change the wax pen’s coil because there is a buildup of residual wax.

On the contrary, a dry herb chamber is built with a convection oven that heats the herbs at an optimal temperature. The chamber of a dry herb pen will last as long as the pen is still working. It does not contain any built-up residue, as was the case in a wax vape.

Energy Intake

The energy storage capacity and intake are different in both types. If you use a wax vape pen, you will see that it takes up less energy to charge and heat the chamber.

A dry herb pen usually takes up more energy to stay functional and heat the chamber. You can use a vaping device depending upon how much energy-efficient product you would like.

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