The State Of Affordable Housing During The COVID Crisis In Harlem

By Jerrod Delaine All housing has been affected by the COVID-19 Global Health pandemic, with New York being the epicenter of how it can spread and bring a city to Continue Reading →

Senate Majority Advances Legislation To Address Disparities In Healthcare For Minorities

The Senate Democratic Majority today advanced legislation to close the racial disparities gap in healthcare, building on the conference’s continued work to protect the healthcare rights of all New Yorkers. Become Continue Reading →

Accessible, Affordable Health Care Could benefit The Climate Crisis, Study Finds

As researchers continue to discover how climate change can affect everything from consumers’ health to the financial markets, Become a Harlem insider – Sign-Up for our Newsletter!

Affordable Health Care Act Has High Stakes For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Healthcare advocates and community outreach workers are deeply concerned about dire consequences for persons affected by a breast cancer diagnosis if the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) is dismantled. Become a Continue Reading →

Danny Tisdale Selected As A 2020 ACTIVATE Arts Innovators Fellow

Danny Tisdale, award-winning visual artists, and publisher of Harlem World Magazine selected as a 2020 ACTIVATE Arts Innovators Fellow. Become a Harlem insider – Sign-Up for our Newsletter!