9 Must-Have Gadgets For Apartment Living From Harlem To Hollywood

October 4, 2021

Apartment living is known for generating creative, space-saving solutions.

 If you’re dealing with less square footage, here are nine must-have gadgets that will make living in your unit a Bond-inspired breeze. 

A trash compactor

A trash compactor might be your saving grace if you live high up in an apartment and have to drag trash down multiple flights of stairs. A small trash compactor can eliminate frequent trips to the ground floor dumpster and save space in your kitchen by minimizing the amount of space you need for your garbage.

Air purifier

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Most apartments find themselves in the middle of urban jungles. Unfortunately, the more people and traffic in a given area, the more prevalent the air pollution. 

Investing in a small air purifier will keep your air clean and your bronchioles happy. It can also help filter allergens from the air, so you can sleep in peace if you have sensitive lungs. 

An Instant Pot

Think of a crockpot taken to the next level. With an Instant Pot, you can steam, slow-cook, simmer, and cook perfect rice each time with one device. It’s a fantastic investment, and over time you’ll save on the meals you make in your kitchen rather than blowing money on takeout.

Handheld vacuum

A mini vacuum is an excellent compromise for those short on space or money. It gives you the freedom to clean up messes as needed and reach any hard-to-reach spots without the hefty price tag and lost closet real estate. 

Digital alarm clock

Everyone has a phone, so why not use it for alarms? Having a digital alarm can help reduce screen time before bed and offer you the temperature, time, and even outside weather at a glance. 

White noise machine

Apartment living’s greatest downfall might be the level of ambient noise. You can’t control all the sounds going on at all times, so it’s wise to get a white noise machine to help keep your night peaceful. Many devices have different settings to help find what noise works best for you.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

All you need is wifi and a TV for the Amazon Fire Stick to help keep all your subscriptions in one place. It has a compact and easy-to-use remote that connects right to your TV. Sign in to your Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ to start watching with ease.

Wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbells range in complexity from full cameras to simple app interfaces. These gadgets allow you to move around freely and still hear if your package or guests arrive. If you’re worried about apartment security, these doorbells can also help you regain your peace of mind.  

A smart lock

Adding a smart lock to your front door when you move in will help keep out any unwanted landlords or former tenants with duplicate keys. It connects to your phone, so you’ll always have peace of mind and your own unique passcode.


There are so many options for devices and gadgets to make your apartment life easier. For all your different living spaces, there’s always a way to make it more comfortable. If you’re ready to start living like you’re in James Bond’s apartment, these tech fixes are an excellent starting point.

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