9 Legit Ways To Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity

December 20, 2020

In any business, productivity is measured by the numbers. This is why you see some of the biggest corporations around the globe declaring their profits or losses and asset base each fiscal year. While all the credit goes to the decision-makers, managers, and policy-makers when a company performs well, much of the effort and groundwork to bring in the numbers comes from the sales team.

Without a strong and productive sales team, the company’s marketing efforts could seem insignificant. This makes it important for entrepreneurs to devise ways to strengthen, support, and empower their sales teams so they are more productive. Are you looking to improve sales and profitability in your business? Here are 9 legit ways to increase your sales team’s productivity.

1. Combine Sales and Marketing 

In any business, Sales and Marketing go hand in hand. Sometimes they are even used interchangeably and for a good reason. The main difference is that the sales team will go the extra mile of engaging potential customers through virtual conversations, face-to-face meetings, and so forth. 

They are your boots on the ground, who provide first-hand marketing information to potential customers persuading them to purchase the product or service. By combining your sales and marketing teams, you are actually giving your sales team the support they need. As the folks at SalesHood.com explain, reinforcing your sales team with marketing information can have a huge impact on their overall performance. This is because they will have all the latest resources they need at their disposal, making it easier to convince potential buyers or recruits. The combined efforts of both teams will assist in boosting performance and returns in the organization.

2. Embrace Technology

Technology in business is a win, and it gets even better when you embrace automation in technology. It adds value to prospects, and it even gives you the ability to focus on productivity. Automation helps you do jobs more efficiently and effectively.

3. Recognize a Job Well Done 

Appreciation is a motivation method, which is why you find those top performers are recognized and appreciated to make them feel that their hard work has been recognized in schools. That is the same thing when it comes to a working environment. When an employee performs well, make sure that you recognize their efforts to buy, giving them a pay rise, and promoting their roles and responsibility. That will be a wake-up call to the rest of the colleagues.

4. Encourage Team Building

Differences at work are not a new term, but you cannot have a strong team when there are people with insufficient blood amongst themselves. As an organization, you can have team building, sports events, CSR, and other projects to help your staff members have time to bond and know each other better. That will assist both them and the organization to ensure that they cooperate and perform as supposed.

5. Set Goals and Follow Them 

This is not a new thing in our lives, leave alone the businesses. You may have a lot of tasks to undertake, but which one is the most important? Have them organized, so you can weigh options from the one with the heaviest impact to the one with the least. Once you have the stated down, all you need is to strive to achieve each goal set. Keep time and establish strong relationships.

6. Schedule Your Meetings

Ever attend a meeting without a plan? It can be so chaotic and messed up. As a company, you would rather not have a meeting if it has not been scheduled in your workspace. Planning for meetings will help you have a discussion, assign duties, and answer questions.

7. Prioritize Your Schedule 

As earlier mentioned, making is the topmost priority in a business. For your business to remain relevant, you have to have a steady cash flow. On this note, it helps to identify the most productive people, tasks, and products in your company. You can start from those that generate more income and revenue going down.  

8. Utilize Analytic Tools 

After a day in the business, you have to sit down and analyze how the performance has been. That will have you know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Having all the above mentioned, you can be able to know what you should do and what you should drop. With such implementation, you can be able to see changes in your productivity and make changes that will impact your growth.

9. Implement a Sales Team Shadowing Program 

Most departments’ goals are at odds, which results in low productivity. But that should not make things spiral down. You may just need to streamline communication across all departments, as well as between the company departments and the clients. Shadowing programs can be created by scheduling meetings, holding training sessions, shadowing rotation, and debriefing for the team.

In business, the sales department is a cornerstone of growth and success. The sales team has to be productive for a business to grow and expand to success. The above are just a few practical tips entrepreneurs should borrow to improve productivity in their sales departments.

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