8 Real And Effective Ways To Increase Engagement On Instagram

April 20, 2021

Be it an influencer, a local business or an enterprise brand. Instagram is one of the best platforms to communicate with and engage customers and followers.

However, with the digital competition being on the rise every minute and hour, growing on Instagram is no longer simply about the number of followers. So, even when you buy real Instagram followers, chances are that the new Instagram algorithm would not recognize your account and neither will new audiences. Rather, now the master key to Instagram success is – engagement. Instagram engagement basically means how many of your followers are interacting with your content, the reach of your content, impressions, mentions and more such statistics. 

Are you wondering how to unlock popularity on Instagram with more engagement and wider reach? Then, check out the following real and effective ways to fuel engagement on your posts and get discovered by new audiences. 

1. Post Consistently

There is absolutely no better secret to Instagram success than being consistent. When you show up on the platform each day, so does your audience. Posting consistently on Instagram gradually builds more engagement and attracts more Instagram followers. Whether you are posting twice a day, or five times in a week, the idea is to be consistent with the frequency that works for your brand or business. This is because when an Instagram user sees content from the same account each day or every week, they naturally begin to identify your Instagram channel. As such, they might get curious to explore your profile and might even convert into your Instagram followers. 

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2. Invest in Good Quality Photography and Videography

The visual quality of photos or videos that you post on Instagram is as crucial as its content. It directly determines whether a particular Instagram user will hit that Favorite button or not. If you want to increase engagement on Instagram organically, then posting high quality photos might just be your answer. It not only intrigues new audiences to explore your feed, but also compels your followers to like, save, comment or share your content. As such, the more creative and visually appealing a post, the more engaging it becomes. Besides good quality photography, investing in great video editing will buy real Instagram followers for your account completely organically and get more traction for your content. Therefore, do not think twice before investing money or effort in graphic designing, photography and video editing for creating stellar Instagram posts. 

3. Get Influencers Onboard

Whether you are a local business or even a content creator on Instagram. One of the most effective ways to boost engagement on the platform is to collaborate. Firstly, when you collaborate with an influencer on Instagram, you make your content visible to more of those Instagram users who are interested in the niche of your content. Secondly, since influencers already have a targeted and engaged community of followers, your collaborated content is likely to get more traction from them. Further, when you show your products being used by influencers, it establishes credibility. As such, you not only get more engagement but also get more sales. 

4. Use Suitable Hashtags

Hashtags are tricky but one of the most effective Instagram tools that can help your content reach its target audience. In fact, hashtags are the best targeting feature that you can leverage. By applying the right hashtags, you ensure that your content reaches precisely those audiences who are looking for similar content. 

Further, it helps you expand your audience by making your Instagram page more discoverable. For example, consider an Instagram user who follows the hashtag #fashion. Now, as a fashion influencer or brand on Instagram, if you add this hashtag in your post, this user, who is not yet your follower, might discover your content. If s/he finds it interesting, it will not be long before that user hits the Favorite button on your post and even the Follow button on your profile. 

However, please note that common hashtags can get extremely overcrowded. Therefore, it is crucial to find the most relevant hashtags or even start your own, brand-specific hashtags to maximize engagement. 

5. Ask Questions and Start Conversations 

Question posts and thought-provoking opinions are the best way to increase engagement on Instagram. When you post a question, the first tendency among your followers to respond to that question. As such, with questions, you can get more Instagram likes. Further, you might also encourage users to tag their friends and give the conversations a wider scope. Taking it ahead, you could reply to some of the comments that you get on your post. This will not only boost your engagement but also help to build loyal relationships with individual members of your Instagram community. You could ask questions that are product or niche specific, or simply witty and rhetorical questions. 

6. Study the Statistics 

With Instagram, as with any other social media platform, there is absolutely no general formula that applies to every influencer and every business. This is why studying and analyzing your Instagram insights is so crucial to maximize engagement on the platform. Instagram insights and growth analytics inform you precisely what is working or not working for your brand. They provide concrete data and actionable information about where is maximum engagement coming, whether your audience is engaging with your content, audience demographics, post reach, impressions, website clicks and more. Further, with Instagram analytics, you can see when most of your followers are active. Backed by this information, you can then optimize your content strategy and posting schedules to get maximum engagement and even buy real Instagram followers completely free. 

7. Turn Trends to Advantage 

Trends are one of the best ways to expand your reach organically and fuel engagement. Be it an ongoing challenge, a trending news or a celebrity statement that is going viral. Stepping in to create content around trending topics is helpful in two ways. Firstly, since it is a trend, chances are that more people are following it. Hence, your posts might get more visibility and you will attract new audiences to engage with your posts. Secondly, your brand awareness increases and might buy real Instagram followers for your page, long after the trend has ended. Also, trends come and disappear so fast in the digital world. As such, when you create content around hot topics, they encourage quick action from your followers in terms of likes, comments and shares. This will ultimately be food for increasing engagement on your Instagram page. 

8. Add a Dose of Humor

If you want to buy real Instagram followers but organically, then we suggest a prescription of humor! There is absolutely nobody who can resist a slight dose of humor and so, hilarious content is the ultimate key for boosting Instagram engagement. Making your Instagram posts funny often helps to garner more engagement on your content and even attracts new audiences. Instagram posts that are hilarious, sarcastic or super witty are also highly shareable. Moreover, people have a tendency to tag their friends on such posts. This can ultimately contribute to bolstering your engagement metrics. Humorous content could include memes, witty quotes, sarcastic jokes or literally anything that you think your audience would find relatable. 


Instagram engagement is as crucial as the ‘number’ of followers or likes you have on your profile. It shows that your audience is finding your content useful and worth sharing or leaving a like or comment on. As such, it makes you appear authoritative and influential on the platform. Not only this, more engagement means more credibility and hence, more people will be allured into buying products or services from you. So, wait no further and ace the Instagram algorithm by applying these organic ways to boost engagement levels on Instagram. 

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