8 Of The Most Iconic Harlem Afros

afros-in-harlemThis famous fabulous look is getting a modern makeover. Scroll down to see our favorite afro styles of Harlem now and then, high and low, black and blonde.

1. Melba Moore

melba-moore-afro1Melba Moore was one of our all time favorite stars who defined the ’60s with her afro.

2. Arlene Hawkins


Black Panther Arlene Hawkins with a huge “Black Power” 1960’s style afro.

3. Harlem Woman


Harlem woman with huge afro died blonde for this natural beauty.

4.  Lupita Nyong’o


Lupita Nyong’o looking stylish and natural in a shorty short afro in Harlem.

5. Thelma Golden


The Studio Museum in Harlem’s Thelma Golden in a mini twist afro with highlights.

6. Teyana Taylor


Music lady Teyana Taylor working an afro wild style.

7. Azealia Banks


Harlem’s Azealia Banks rocking her big afro twist in this photo.

8. Maya Angelou


Poet and author Maya Angelou’s afro was a perfect symbol of her commitment.

Who would you add to the list?

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