7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy During The Holiday Season

December 10, 2020

If you’re like most people, you’re already planning your holidays and how you will have fun with friends and relatives. Endless parties and festivities mean a schedule change. As you party, it’s essential not to forget about your canine friend.

It’s easy to let routine slide as errands pile up. If you’re not careful, your dog might be left lonely and not well taken care of during this season.

Many things will determine whether your furry friend remains happy during this holiday season, including exercises, the time you spend with them, and whether they’re protected from fleas and heartworms.

Continue reading to learn how to keep your dog happy during this holiday season.

1. Take Your Canine Friend Along

A common concern among pet parents is whether to leave their pets at home or bring them along. Although this is dependent on your specific situation, it’s no doubt that your dog will feel lonely when left alone.

To avoid this, take your dog along with you. Of course, you can hire overnight sitters, but this will cost you a lot of money. Besides, your dog needs to be fed, walked, and played with several times a day.

If you plan to take your pet with you, Petside advises you to ensure it has ID tags and carry documents showing that your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations. If your dog is elderly or sick, leave them at a boarding facility or with a family member or friend.

2. Ensure Your Dog is Up-to-Date on Preventives

The holiday season involves many outdoor fun activities. Although outdoor activities like walking your dog will make your dog happy, they also put it at risk of pest invasion.

Heartworms are among the harmful parasites that can infect your dog. From muscles to blood vessels to the heart to the pulmonary artery, heartworms affect many parts of the dog’s body.

Unfortunately, a dog with a heartworm infestation won’t be able to enjoy the holiday season no matter how much you try. To avoid this, ensure to use heartworm preventative medications for dogs.

Heartgard Plus chewable for dogs prevent heartworm diseases in dogs and kills hookworms and roundworms. Once your dog is free from heartworm and other parasites, they will be able to enjoy the holiday with you.

3. Stick to Your routine

Dogs are routine creatures. If you cannot adhere to the routine strictly, ensure that specific things like playtime, meals, and walks happen almost the same time each day. If you walk your dog every morning, try to do the same when traveling with your dog.

Keeping a checklist of your dog’s needs, especially when multiple people are involved in taking care of your dog, will come in handy. It will help ensure that everything is done every day at the required time.

4. Dress Your Dog for the Season

Small or shorthaired dogs may feel cold on winter walks. Dress your dog a sweater or coat that covers their entire body to keep them warm and cozy. This way, they will enjoy the walk without getting colder.

5. Create a Quiet Room for Your Dog

If you are expecting visitors in your home, prepare a quiet place for your dog. Seeing so many people at once may stress your dog, making it shy and unwilling to mingle. Your dog will want a place to hide and relax away from the noise in your home.

Creating a quiet room for your dog is not enough. Provide your dog with toys, blankets, freshwater, and other favorite items. Your dog will remain busy and relaxed, reducing any stress from holiday visitors.

6. No Loud Noises for Your Dog

Loud noises are not uncommon during holidays. While shooting fireworks is a common and exciting activity for us during holidays, this is not the case with dogs. If your dog is around during fireworks, “send them a signal” beforehand to let them know there is nothing to worry about.

If you can’t do this, have your dog stay in a quiet place while you enjoy the show. If possible, have their favorite sitter take care of them while you are away.

7. Shop Gifts for Your Dog

We bet you won’t forget to buy gifts for your human family member. Why forget to purchase gifts for your furry family member? It can be their favorite toy or anything that will make them happy.

We want you and your canine friend to have a memorable holiday. The above tips will ensure that your dog (just like other members of your family) enjoys their holiday and is well taken care of.


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