7 Shades Of Red You Need In Your Wardrobe

February 1, 2021

Red is one of the most passionate colors to wear. Both men and women find people more attractive when wearing red compared to other colors. 

If you’re ready to harness the full power of red, you need to stock up on different shades to match your style and the occasion that you’re dressing for.

Red clothing can even send different messages depending on which shade you choose to wear. With a bright candy apple red, you draw attention and turn heads. With a muted brick red, you can dress for any occasion. 

In this guide, we’ll cover different shades of red, how to wear them, where to wear them, and what they represent. Here are seven shades of red that you need in your wardrobe:

1. Ruby

Ruby red is a rich, gem-tone red. It’s a little darker than true red and might even have some purplish tones. This regal color is a classic. You see it at red carpet and other special events, worn by celebrities and everyday people alike. It is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe.

This color is especially beautiful for a dress. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant. Even a simple A-line dress in this color is flattering, classy, and a little sexy.

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Since it’s a bit of a darker shade, you can wear this red through the fall and winter months. It’s an excellent color for a wool coat, so you’ll look stylish every time you leave the house in it.

2. Scarlet

Scarlet red is very close to true red, but it has just a hint of pinkish berry in it. This is a great color for men or women. Wear it for a romantic night out, wear it to work, wear it at home. It works everywhere!

You really can’t go wrong with this color. It’s familiar and comfortable. Red can sometimes be such a big statement color that it intimidates people. But scarlet red is a pretty safe bet.

Also, if you follow a sports team with red in their uniforms, this is probably that red. So stock up and you’ll have something to wear on game day.

3. Brick Red

Brick red is a darker shade with some brown in it. It’s a bit of a toned-down color, which makes it great for everyday wear or professional settings. Since it is a darker shade, it’s best worn in fall or winter to match the muted tones of the season. This shade can also skew a bit toward orange, so it’s great if true red isn’t your color. 

Because it’s a bit muted, this color looks great in many different articles of clothing: tops and dresses, but also pants and skirts. With brick red on the bottom, you can wear just about anything on top. Choose a neutral, a pattern, or a bold print to complete your look.

4. Raspberry

A couple of years ago, raspberry was the new red. Bold red lips were out and a raspberry lip was much more on-trend. This trend continues to be popular both for ready-to-wear audiences and for the runway. In 2019, many actresses chose shades of raspberry for their red carpet looks.

Raspberry red has pinks and blues to make it a bit softer and less intense. It’s more feminine and approachable than a true bold and bright red. Raspberry is also more flattering for a wider range of skin tones, so it will highlight your natural beauty. This is especially true if your skin tone tends to look best next to cool tones. Though it’s red, the bluish tint in it brings it closer to a cool tone.

5. Candy Apple

Candy apple red is a bright, vibrant, fun, and flirty color. This color is easy to envision– just think of a candy apple! It looks great as a flat, matte color, but it truly shines with a bit of iridescence. 

This color makes me think of the 1930s and ‘40s. It’s the perfect color for that kind of Betty Boop femininity. If you’re into the retro looks, candy apple red is an absolute must for your wardrobe (bonus points if you can find it with a white or black polka dot pattern). In this color, all eyes will be on you.

6. Burgundy

Burgundy is a rich, wine red that has some purple in it. The dark, muted color is perfect for winter and fall. It’s sultry, it’s cozy, and it looks great on just about everyone. Burgundy can be the main color in your ensemble — think dresses, coats, jackets, etc. — or it can just be an accent, like a scarf or tie.

Burgundy socks are another excellent way to bring a pop of color to a variety of outfits. No Cold Feet has a detailed look at how to integrate them into your wardrobe. When these socks peek out from under your pant leg, they’ll bring a bit of personality to your look.

7. Maroon

Maroon is one of the darkest options when it comes to shades of red. It’s about halfway between purple and red, and it has an understated, moody look to it. Maroon is great for men and women of any age. It’s classy and sexy without being too flashy.

Like burgundy, maroon is best for fall and winter looks. It looks great for tops, pants, dresses, and coats. Its understated look makes it easy to incorporate into any outfit for any dress code. A simple maroon piece like a basic dress could be dressed up or down so that you get a lot of use out of it in your wardrobe.

Red is one of the most intriguing and passionate colors to dress in. It’s easy to feel intimidated or nervous when you dress in a bright, vibrant red. If you’re not ready to make the jump, try out one of the more muted shades of red to get started. You can’t go wrong with any of the shades listed above. Start stocking up today so you can look your best while rocking this stunning color.

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