7 Reasons Why MISS Is The Better Option For The Elderly

October 26, 2022

The spine is the most flexible, movable, and loaded body part. It always has been one of the most common sites for back pain.

Seniors are especially susceptible to lower back pain. Minimally invasive spine surgery is an effective treatment for most individuals. It is a procedure that involves removing a part of the spine without making any incisions. It works by strengthening muscles and nerves to realign the spine’s alignment. Here are seven reasons why minimally invasive spine surgery is the better option for the elderly.

1. Faster Recovery Time

When performing minimally invasive spine surgery, surgeons minimize the amount of surgical trauma required to fix your problem. This is possible since there is no open incision involved. You will spend less time in the hospital. You can return home sooner after receiving this type of treatment. To return to your normal activities, your surgeons will advise you to take it easy for a few weeks.

2. Less Opioid Use After Surgery

After surgery, Opioids are sometimes prescribed to help manage the pain. These medications should be strictly monitored, especially with older patients. Excessive opioid use may result in respiratory depression and ultimately lead to death. When using minimally invasive spine surgery to fix your problem, you will have less chance of becoming dependent on opioid medication after surgery. You will spend more time rehabilitating yourself instead of taking drugs to manage the pain you feel while waiting for your recovery to get back on its feet.

3. Fewer Post-Operative Complications

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After surgery, older patients may experience spinal nerve damage, bleeding, and other complications. MISS, however, is less likely to cause these complications. The specialists at spine surgery centers have extensive knowledge regarding your health. They will therefore determine the safest way to carry out the spinal surgery.

4. Better Quality of Life

Back pain can cause joint and muscle problems. This, in turn, reduces the quality of your life. To keep your quality of life at its best, minimally invasive spine surgery is an ideal solution. Your surgeons will be able to help you with all your spinal problems. You can move freely and enjoy high-quality living after receiving this treatment.

5. Less Scarring

Minimally invasive spine surgery is less likely to cause skin and tissue damage. The lack of movement associated with MISS prevents the formation of deep scars. The new spinal surgery techniques minimize the amount of surgical trauma you will experience after surgery. The area around the spine is left intact and undamaged.

6. Less Blood Loss

Blood loss in a standard open procedure is a common problem. It can sometimes be fatal. During MISS, the various spinal levels are intentionally left intact. These are the nerve pathways through which vital blood and nerves are routed. A trained specialist will take care to replace any blood loss from the surgery. Because the incisions are made only at a few key locations, there are also fewer chances of blood loss.

7. Decreased Cost of Treatment

When undergoing conventional way of spinal surgery, hospital costs are high. In addition to the surgery fees, there are other expenses, such as travel and clinical fees, to pay. The procedure may or may not be covered by insurance, depending on your health plan. Minimally invasive spine surgery is less costly compared to open surgical procedures. Bills such as hospital stays, surgical and clinical fees will also be significantly lower.

The spine is a delicate tissue. You will get the best results with the right experts and techniques. This depends on the type of spinal surgery performed to treat your condition. If you have lower back pain, consult your doctor to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment options.

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