7 Life-Changing Decisions You Shouldn’t Do Hastily

September 14, 2020

Getting out of your comfort zone and deciding to be spontaneous and daring can be great for your self-esteem.

However, some decisions in life require serious and thorough contemplation. When it comes to life-altering decisions, a lack of precision can result in unfortunate circumstances that drastically affect your personal and professional life.

On that note, let’s help you avoid such curveballs by taking a look at 7 life-changing decisions that should not be made hastily.

1. Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is one decision you don’t want to rush into. In fact, thorough consideration is imperative when it comes to choosing your career path. If your college major strongly correlates to your career choice, then you’re set. If not, then it’s important to consider the different occupations you’re interested in as well as the job prospects. You want to be good at your job and open to learning more about this career choice; however, you also want to enjoy what the job entails, otherwise, it will be hard to excel on said path. 

Remember, learning how to become a nurse practitioner, accountant, lawyer or doctor takes a long time. And once you’re on a set path, you’re almost locked into it for life. Changing is possible, but it requires massive upheaval and is something that you ideally want to avoid if you can.

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2. Choosing a College 

This is one of the first decisions adolescents make, and it is one that will impact the next few years of their lives. It is important to not make hasty decisions when it comes to choosing a college. Take your time, consider your interests, and what skills you would like to learn, and think about what would benefit you most in the future. You’ll also want to ensure that you will be surrounded by people who share your goals and beliefs. That’s why the folks from Authority.org suggest that you take your time researching and comparing different colleges that appeal to your interests early on. Rushing into this decision could make it difficult to change your mind as you might miss the admissions deadline for another college or university. 

3. Making a Career Change

If you end up wanting to choose a different career path, then you mustn’t rush this change. A hasty decision will only have you repeating this situation again in the future. Take your time to consider what was missing from the previous career that you hope to find. Is there some new ability you wish to obtain? Are you looking for a career that will instill excitement in you again? Either way, you must think ahead about what it is you’re truly hoping for with this career change.

4. Housing: Renting or Buying

This is probably the most important financial decision you will make in adulthood. You can read all the renting vs. buying tips out there, but none of it will directly relate to your financial situation. It’s important to carefully consider your expenses because the last thing you need is to increase debt due to a hurried decision. For some people renting will be more practical and for others, buying is a better solution. Take the time to really evaluate which choice is right for you.

5. Marriage

You should not be quick to settle down with a partner. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to think about your partnership and how well you work as a team. You need to have important discussions before making this decision. Finances, careers, to have or not have children, politics, and religion are a few of the important factors to consider when choosing to share your life with someone. You will want to know that you can make decisions together.  

6. Having Kids

Having kids is a serious discussion that you need to have before you wind up in this commitment. It’s no light matter and it will tremendously impact your life and your finances. Do you want to have kids? Can you afford kids? Are you in a healthy environment in which kids will flourish? Ask yourself and your partner these questions before jumping into parenthood.

7. Quitting Your Job 

Many people are adamant about quitting their job and end up doing so hastily, only to find out they have no means of getting any income. You do not want to put yourself in a struggling situation that could have been avoided with some forward planning. If you are certain that you want to quit your job, make sure you have a plan lined up to support you afterward.

Some life-changing decisions should not be taken lightly. Spontaneity has many benefits; however, when it comes to the aforementioned decisions, forward planning is vital to avoid future struggles and devastating consequences. The bottom line is any situation that could have a tremendous impact on your life requires thorough consideration.

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