7 Great Movie Ideas For A Cozy Night With Friends

March 2, 2023

If you and your friends are looking for a cozy night in, why not watch a movie together?

A great movie can be the perfect way to bond, laugh, or just relax. In this blog post, we will discuss seven ideas for movies that will make any night with friends extra special. We will also cover some tips to ensure that your movie night is a success. So grab the popcorn, settle in with your friends, and enjoy one of these great movies. 

1) Knives Out (2019)

This murder mystery has it all: witty dialogue, a star-studded cast, and lots of twists and turns. It follows the story of a famous detective trying to solve a family’s mysterious death. He must use all of his skills to uncover the truth in this cleverly crafted film. Additionally, the soundtrack features a number of classic jazz tracks that will add to the already enjoyable experience. This movie is sure to have you and your friends talking for hours. You can also find some similar show suggestions such as Clue (1985) and Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game (1988). These movies will keep you and your friends guessing until the very end. The clue is especially fun because you get to play along with solving the mystery with the characters. Cluedo has a modern twist and can also be used as a game. 

2) The Princess Bride (1987) 

A classic that any fan of fantasy should love. Follow the story of a farm boy, Wesley, and his quest to save the woman he loves. Along the way, you’ll meet plenty of adventure, sword fighting, giants, and more. This movie is great for those who want to laugh but also enjoy a good story with interesting characters. A great choice when looking for something enjoyable and lighthearted.

3) The Harry Potter series (2001-2011)

This beloved fantasy series has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Follow the adventures of young wizard Harry Potter as he learns about magic in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This series is perfect to watch with friends because it will keep everyone engaged throughout all eight movies. Plus there are many opportunities for fun discussions about plot points, characters, and more.

4) Forrest Gump (1994)

This Academy Award-winning classic is a must-see! Join the story of Forrest Gump as he goes on many extraordinary adventures while managing to stay true to himself. With Tom Hanks in the title role, this movie is both heartwarming and humorous. The memorable soundtrack will add to your viewing experience and leave you feeling warm inside.

5) Jurassic Park (1993)

Ready for some dinosaur action? This thrilling adventure film follows a group of people who are trying to survive a theme park full of dinosaurs that were created using prehistoric DNA. It’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and your friends laughing.

6) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

One of the greatest fantasy movies ever made, this trilogy follows the story of Frodo Baggins as he embarks on a quest to destroy an all-powerful ring that threatens to take over Middle Earth. This movie is perfect for those who love adventure stories with memorable characters and stunning visuals. It’s certain to give you and your friends plenty to talk about long after the credits have rolled.

7) Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Feel like some musical fun? This energetic romantic comedy will have you singing along in no time! Follow the story of Christian, an ambitious writer, who falls in love with the star of the Moulin Rouge and has to win her heart. With its creative visuals and catchy soundtrack, this movie is sure to be a hit among your friends.

Bonus tip: To keep things interesting and entertaining, set up an informal competition by assigning points to each movie selection and awarding prizes to those who rank at the top! That way, everyone can enjoy the movies while also having fun guessing which one will come out on top. For example, you can award two points for each movie someone guesses correctly and one point if they guess the correct order. Or, award one point for each movie someone guesses correctly and three points if they guess the correct order. 

These are just some great ideas for movies that will make any night with friends extra special. Make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand, let everyone know what time the movie starts, and get ready for a great time! Enjoy!

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