6 Tips To Clean And Care For Tungsten Wedding Bands

June 14, 2022

Tungsten rings for men boast a sleek, modern appearance, enduring appeal, and a natural lustre that doesn’t fade, offering a timeless and stylish choice to complement diverse fashion tastes and lifestyles.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t get dirty or lose their luster over time. While general jewelry care tips apply to tungsten, there are some things you shouldn’t do.

How to Care for Your Tungsten Wedding Ring

Cleaning a tungsten wedding ring is different from cleaning your house because you won’t need to use as many harsh chemicals to cut through the grime. 

Here’s how to care for your ring.

1. Don’t Use Any Harsh Chemicals

As mentioned, titanium wedding rings for men are durable, but you shouldn’t test this theory by applying harsh chemicals to your jewelry. You should never use chlorine bleach, oven cleaners, drain cleaners, or ammonia on any piece of jewelry, as it can damage the finish on your ring.

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With that said, you should remove your ring if you’re ever working with these chemicals. For example, take your ting off if you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool or changing your car’s oil. 

2. Store Your Ring in a Cloth Bag

Find a place to store your jewelry if you’re a fan of removing your ring while taking a shower or you work in a dangerous field and can’t always wear your wedding band. You shouldn’t store tungsten jewelry with other metals, as tungsten could scratch up softer metals, like gold.

Find a soft cloth bag for the purpose of keeping your tungsten ring separate from the rest of your jewelry. It can also reduce the chance of the ring getting lost and keeps dust and dirt away.

3. Inspect Your Ring Before Cleaning It

If your wedding band also has gems or stones, check if the posts are loose or if the gems are cracked. Some damage is too dangerous to work around, as you could make the problem worse. If that’s the case, don’t continue to the next steps and take your ring to a jeweler. 

While you’re at it, check your other tungsten jewelry if you have any. You can put multiple bracelets, necklaces, belts, or rings in the same solution, saving you some time.

4. Clean Tungsten With Soap and Water

If you can’t clean your ring with bleach, what can you use? Soap and water is the best cleaning solution for all jewelry because it’s gentle and works well enough. Simply add three drops of a mild dishwashing liquid (get the gentle or natural kind) for every one cup of water you use.

You can also bring water to a boil and add the soap afterward if you want to release dirt from crevices. Make sure you take the pot off the burner before putting your ring into the water.

5. Use a Soft Bristled Toothbrush

A soft-bristled toothbrush is one of the best tools for cleaning jewelry; just make sure you’re using a new toothbrush. Even if you’re never going to use your toothbrush again, it likely has toothpaste residue in the bristles. Toothpaste contains chemicals that could ruin the ring’s finish.

When cleaning your ring, move slowly. Scrub in between the mounted stones and engraved areas. If the dirt doesn’t come off, soak your rink again or use a dull toothpick.

6. Rinse and Buff Tungsten to Dry

After cleaning off the dirt, place your ring in a bowl of clean water to remove any extra residue. You can also run it under the tap if the bowl of water doesn’t do its job. Use a microfiber cloth (preferably one that doesn’t shed) to dry and buff the ring at the same time safely.

If you didn’t use soap to clean the ring, you can rinse off the dirt and leave it out on a paper towel to dry. To keep your ring looking its best, clean it once a week or whenever it gets dirty. 

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