6 Reliable Tips For Traveling With Your Watches

January 23, 2021

How many times do you think about carrying a watch when traveling? None, we bet. Most people carry a watch just to match their dressing, but do you know that there are other vital reasons why you need a watch on your next trip?

If you often travel across different time zones, the right watch would come in handy. If you are a horologist, you may have a much tougher time, especially if you have a collection of expensive timepieces.

This guide covers some tips to make it easy for you to travel with watches.

1.   Choose the Right Watch

Choosing a watch to travel with might seem an ordinary thing to do, but it isn’t easy. Even if you have a collection of different watches such that you can grab any and go, there are a few aspects to consider to help you choose the right piece.

One factor to consider when deciding the watch to carry is the length of your trip. Your trip’s length should inform which watch is the best. You will need at least two watches if you are away for three nights or more. Buy & trade luxury watches online easily to get the watch that suits your tastes and preferences.

2.   Carry a Timepiece for Several Occasions

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Many people do not take the time to evaluate their need for a watch during their travel. Are you in this category? Before going out on a trip, crosscheck your itinerary to determine the variety of activities you have ahead.

Your itinerary’s activities should inform your choice and number of watches. For instance, you will need a couple of watches to fit all the situations, mainly if your itinerary includes activities such as a day hiking and luxurious dinner.

Carry a watch for daily activities, another one suitable for rugged outdoor activities, and a third one that matches your outfit when going for dinner at a classy restaurant. Remember that this is just an eye-opener; the activities might dictate more or fewer timepieces.

3.  Carry a GMT Piece

If you are traveling across diverse time zones, you will need a GMT piece. Such watches have the feature to show you time in your local zone and the other location. Before the trip, ensure that your local time is set from the dial and use the bezel to set the alternate time zone.

Having a GMT will help you keep track of the local and foreign time zones. With this piece, you won’t need to adjust your watch every other time to leave or get into a different time zone.

4.   Avoid Carrying Your Entire Collection

The temptation to carry your whole timepiece collection can be overwhelming, especially if you are a horologist. Regardless of the love you have for your watches, don’t bring all of them on the trip. Be picky and choose a piece or a few pieces that would suit all your trip’s activities.

Carrying the whole collection is inconvenient and cumbersome. The chances are even high that you will not have enough time or opportunity to wear them all. A more convenient number would be carrying at least 2-5 watches.

5.   Use Hotel Safes

If you have ever had your property stolen while on a trip, you probably don’t want to carry your expensive and luxurious watches anymore when going on a trip. While the chance of your property getting lost is indisputable, you cannot avoid having a watch given its significance in your journey.

When choosing your hotel, find one that has a safe. Having a safe will give you the peace of mind you need during the entire period because you know your watches are safe. Besides, if the watches are stolen from the safes, at least you can shift the responsibility to the hotel.

6.   Pack Your Watches Well

A majority of us just stuff our watches in the inner pockets of the travel bag, and off we go. While this strategy works, it isn’t something you would do for your expensive pieces or ones that have bracelets, as they are not so flexible. At this stage, it becomes necessary to consider watch rolls and cases to keep your timepieces protected the entire time.

The right carrier will ensure your watches aren’t bagged or scratched. Cases and rolls are a perfect choice when it comes to keeping the watches organized. Nevertheless, if your budget does not allow such, be resourceful and consider using a pair of socks for each timepiece.

There you go – a complete guide when traveling with your watches. The next time you are traveling, you will choose the perfect piece for your itinerary.

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