6 Extreme Mountain Trails For Bike Adventures Of 2022

September 15, 2022

For mountain bike adventurers, the thrill and overcoming the fear of being on a world-famous mountain trail are truly priceless.

Think of catching feelings while you bike your way into breathtaking destinations until you reach the top of the world – it’s nothing short of conquering the world!

If you are in search of places to explore and test your endurance, you’re reading the right blog!

We’ll guide you through your thirst for mountain journeys, and present you a list of the top six thrilling mountain trails in the world to experience mountain biking like never before. Let’s begin with our recommendations.

1.  The Old Ghost Road, New Zealand

Welcome to the jungle!

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At the top of our list is the Old Ghost Road in the land of kiwis – New Zealand. Giddy up for a long bike adventure for this 53-mile ride along a historical gold-mining trail. This trail is only recommended for advanced mountain bikers, as you have to find your way into the jungle, and there will be lines of trees surrounding you. You’ll notice layers of rainforest clinging to the valleys as you paddle to a view you’ll never forget – a panoramic view of one of the most magnificent parts of New Zealand.

You’ll feel obliged to pull over to feel the moment, the air, and we say savor it as much as your heart desires. You’ve come a long way, and you totally deserve it.

You can turn your day-long adventure into an overnight stay at the Ghost Lake Hut. Catch the eastern sunrise, and reverse back into the rocky jungle. At the end of the trail, you’ll be pleased to discover a pub located to reward you for your hard work.

Pro Tip: You want to reassess the condition of your bike before hitting such dangerous trails. For example, if you own a 29-inch mountain bike that’s lightweight, yet sturdy enough to boost your speed and traction on such trails, you have nothing to worry about! Although, a routine checkup of your current bike is highly recommended.

2.  Higher Maritime, Alps

Higher Maritime in the Alps has earned its spot in the top six mountain bike trails for the steep terrains, and it only encourages advanced mountain bikers to explore the extremity of the southwestern Alps.

The trails in Higher Maritime are known to be dangerous and some experts have defined them as “inaccessible.” However, it’s not impossible. You simply need advanced technical skills and you then you can dare to venture into this “discreet” trail.

3.  The Death Road (Yungas Road), La Paz, Bolivia

Get ready to feel your pulse throbbing with the power of nature!

Yungas road, also known as “The Death Road” is the ultimate daredevil’s trail, as the name suggests. Mountain riders have labeled it as one of the world’s most dangerous trails. It has taken the lives of over 18 cyclists in the last two decades. Even so, a record number of 200-300 adventurers head into this trail and confront death from up close every year.

Needless to say, it’s not a regular rider’s cup of tea, and definitely not suitable for the faint of heart, either.

The challenge includes a drop from 15,500 feet to 3,600 feet within a 40-mile distance. The descents are quite steep with thrilling turns, but the view that crosses your way makes it totally worth it.

4.  Lupra Pass, Nepal

Time to breathe in the freshest air at the top of the world, literally!

Lupra Pass is a mountain trail located amidst the scenic yet perilous terrain of the Himalayas, the world’s tallest and mightiest mountains. Biking down from a straight vertical route of 4100m followed by a 300m ride through the roof of the world will have you struggling to catch your breath in the high altitudes of the Himalayas.

This single-tracked trail transits through a criss-cross suspension bridge, taking you to a cute little lunch spot called Jomsom, alongside a dried-up  Napalese river bed.

5.  401 Trail, Colorado, USA

Get ready to set your pulse racing!

An all-time classic mountain trail of Crested Butte does not need an introduction after hosting the Enduro World Series (EWS). The 401 trails are recognized for the fact that world-class mountain bikers gather here to show off their skills.

The valley floors are intense, with trees lining the the trail. You have to ride your way up to witness the beauty of colors from the flower meadows. It doesn’t stop there – you will continue your colorful ride into the flower lanes. Indeed it’s a one-of-a-kind experience for mountain bikers. Be prepared to be surprised by the sudden falls; you may actually want to improve your endurance before hitting the 401 trails of Colorado.

6.  Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Off you go to explore the elements of nature like never before!

“South America’s Mountain Biking Mecca” is the name Cotopaxi, Ecuador has been given for its mountain trails. The mountain bike route of Cotopaxi is known to be wild, aggressive, and unpredictable due to the rocky roads.

This trail is a blend of everything that any rider would like to experience – sand, boulders, ashes, and to your surprise, there’s lava too, and all in steep, slippery routes. This particular MTB is recommended for advanced mountain bikers only.


Choosing a mountain bike destination based on the most dangerous options in the world should not be made without proper planning. Make sure you are working on improving your mountain biking skills, endurance, and body strength to be ensure your safety.

Moreover, you should consider whether your current e-bike is geared to take you through the extreme trails listed here. If you have to buy a new one, learn some of the things you should look for before buying your new e-bike.

You also might want to revisit your bike accessories before packing your bags for such adventures. Be sure to know what to pack for your trip, especially if this is the first time for you.

And lastly, remember smaller roads always lead up to the mighty mountains, and you can take them all!

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