5 Wedding Shoes That Wow Any Harlem Wedding

Miu Mius wedding shoes

From our wedding curators at Harlem World Magazine, statement-making heels to put your best foot forward on your big day. Your Harlem wedding will take you high, and these Miu Mius pumps above will take you higher by Prada satin bridal pumps.


Perfect for dining, the ballroom, or just about any venue, these Manolo Blahnik red suede shoes are an instant classic.

loubiton in harlem1

They might not be blue, but they are everything. Well done Mr. Louboutin, well done.

jimmy choo strapping1

Strappy pumps are a must any day, but when they’re sexy silver Mr. Choo’s, they’re an absolute must for any wedding day!

stuart mellman shies

The shoes maybe flat, and the wine maybe flat but you can never hit a flat note in these Stuart Weitzman flats.

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