5 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy On A Private Jet

December 20, 2022

If you squash into an economy seat on a long flight, you won’t be able to walk when you get off.

Your back will hurt so much it’s difficult to move. You’ll only feel good when you stand up to walk to the bathroom.

It’s completely different on a private jet because you’ll have so much freedom. It’s easy to stay fit and healthy when you ditch commercial flights. Here are a few good ways you can boost your health while flying.

1. Take Equipment With You

You can take almost anything you want onto a private jet, as long as it’s not contraband. Would you enjoy your private jet flight a little more with exercise equipment? Nothing is stopping you from training with bands.

Some jets will have enough space for you to swing a kettlebell. If you exercise while flying, you won’t need to hit the gym when you reach your hotel. It’s a good way to move your gym equipment around the country.

2. More Room To Walk Around

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Have you ever tried to squeeze past a trolley when walking to the toilet? It’s hard enough to walk down the aisles when they’re empty. Anyone carrying extra weight will find it more difficult on normal-sized planes.

Even though jets are much smaller, you’ll have plenty more room to move around. You can walk up and down for ages, and it will feel like going for a walk in the park. Just make sure you sit down if you experience turbulence.

3. Quiet Enough To Meditate

Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your mind when flying, but it’s tough because it’s so noisy. People find it impossible to get into a deep trance while squashed into a seat between two passengers who can’t stop talking.

You can ask everyone to be quiet when flying on a private jet. If you look at an updated list of best private jets in 2022, you’ll probably find one with a float tank onboard. Time will pass by fast when you’re meditating.

4. Space Onboard To Do Yoga

There is enough room on private jets to carry out a yoga session, which is perfect for people who get stiff sitting on a seat for hours. It’s the best way to stretch in existence and helps you feel fresh and energetic.

If you fly on private jets all the time, you’ll get used to taking your yoga mat with you. It won’t be possible if you book a tiny jet, so you’ll need a medium-sized one. It helps if you fly in loose comfortable clothing.

5. Join The Mile High Club

Joining the mile-high club is a good way to stay fit and healthy, especially if you’re doing it standing up. You can’t do anything rude in front of the crew, so you’ll need to go somewhere quiet before getting busy.

Maybe your jet will have its own bedroom with a comfy double bed, which you’ll find on expensive ones. It’s good to do it at least once in your life. Once you’ve finally joined the club, you’ll realize it’s better on land.

You Don’t Need To Exercise When Flying

You don’t need to stay fit and healthy while flying on a private jet. Most people prefer tucking into alcohol and tasty food.

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