5 Reasons You Need A Waterproofing Consultant

April 26, 2021

The waterproofing industry has been seeing a huge spike for the past few years.

In fact, it is even estimated that the waterproofing industry will see a stunning boom at a CAGR of 5.8% in the forecast period of 2021-2026! But why this constant hike? Well, we all know that waterproofing is one such necessity for accommodations that cannot be neglected at all.

Whether it’s a commercial office or any residential building – there is no such place that can be termed ‘habitable’ unless a full-fledged waterproofing is done there. However, although waterproofing may seem like an easy-peasy task, let us break the bubble for you – it is not! You may feel you can do it on your own, but listen to me – you shouldn’t.

The many little-big complexities involved in waterproofing call for some expert advice. Don’t believe us yet? Well, here are 5 reasons why you need a waterproofing consultant to perfectly sort out the waterproofing needs for you:

  1. They help you before the construction is finished

Probably one of the major reasons why it is imperative to hire a waterproofing consultant! Waterproofing cannot be taken lightly, because it largely affects the building’s durability and strength. You miss a factor, and the whole building is at risk.

So, there is a lot to take care of in terms of waterproofing, even before the construction is finished. In this regard, the services provided by a waterproofing consultant prove to be immensely helpful.

From performing stress tests to checking the design of the structure and quality of waterproofing work done by the contractors – the consultants do it all, with utter expertise.

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  1. They help you in moisture detection

Again, one of the many crucial factors that make the waterproofing consultants, the experts of their arena. No matter how best you try, you will not be able to match their level of expertise when it comes to locating the moisture-prone areas of the property. And come on, don’t tell me you don’t know why this is such a necessity!

Detecting moisture is by far the most important thing to ace when it comes to waterproofing, failing which, your whole waterproofing model will eventually fall apart and face major repercussions!

  1. They offer pro-level quality assurance

Quality is important – exclusively in terms of waterproofing. We can’t emphasize this enough, but paying proper attention to waterproofing is imperative because it plays a huge role in deciding how strong the foundation eventually is.

It is seen that in the absence of a professional, most people settle with substandard quality products for waterproofing, which ultimately creates a lot of problems in the future.

However, the waterproofing consultants, being the industry experts, always assure quality by offering high-quality products like Bayset waterproofing essentials.

  1. They identify potential energy loss

You don’t know how important this is until you hire a waterproofing consultant who appropriately educates you about energy loss!

In the current situation of climate change and the energy crisis, it is imperative for the roof of any house to be highly energy-efficient. In case you don’t know already, a roof’s energy efficiency is largely affected by its slope and the material used.

So, when waterproofing is one of the major areas of the house, that is, the roof, one must remain aware of its energy efficiency. Going for products and materials that negatively affects its energy efficiency is not the best choice for the long run. So, when you hire a waterproof consultant, they get you those materials that are the most energy-efficient in nature.

  1. They are your waterproofing advocate

Do we even need to explain this? Isn’t it self-explanatory? Well, a large portion of people resort to hiring a waterproofing consultant because they advocate people about the waterproofing ‘dos-and-don’ts, which is extremely necessary.

One needs to be careful, even after the whole waterproofing is done. If it is not maintained properly, then you might have to incur huge expenses every now and then.

So, it is always better to learn from the expert as to how one should take care of waterproofed areas and most necessarily, what not to do, to get the best results for a long time to come.

Over to you…

Waterproofing seems like a piece of cake, we know. People are often tempted to save money when it comes to spending on it. But trust me, one shouldn’t. Here, we cited 5 reasons why you need a waterproofing consultant. This guide is sure to help you.

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