5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Mattress Hunting

August 27, 2021

Multiple questions could cloud your head once you delve into mattress hunting. Should you buy the traditional innerspring, or should you get your hands on the hybrid?

With your mind fixed on acquiring the best mattress fit for your preferences, you could easily get blinded by all the choices and options that you ultimately buy the wrong one.

Luckily, we’ve assessed the essential questions to guide you through your mattress hunting. Here, we’ve boiled down your journey to five easy questions, making your chances of getting a quality mattress achievable!

What’s The Best Mattress Type To Buy?

Although there are multiple mattresses available, most of these fall into three major categories: hybrid, foam, and innerspring. These three types have their advantages to offer, along with their disadvantages. Thus, it’s best to get acquainted with each one to determine the best mattress that caters to you.

You could even make your hunt easier as the best mattress to buy is just around the corner. Here, a variety of advanced mattresses are offered at wallet-friendly budgets. Likewise, these beds are well-manufactured, guaranteed to bring your body support and your mind relaxation.

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The hybrid mattress is a new addition in the categories as it combines foam and coils, giving the sleeper a different feel when it comes to sleeping positions. Although this bed has rings and a cushion, it doesn’t give off a suffocating feeling as it has an outstanding balance between both. Thus, you’re sure to get bounce and support from the two variables, making it a great compromise if ever you’re having trouble choosing between innerspring or foam.


A foam bed could consist of memory foam, latex, polyfoam, or a blend of multiple foams. Although these foams have different densities, most of them are made to mold according to your body type and keep you in a cushioned position. Likewise, these beds are great at motion isolation, which is an excellent plus to light sleepers who don’t want to be disturbed by shifting.


From the name, you could quickly point out that this bed is made from springs. This bed is made from coils for support and topped with a layer of fabric to provide you extra cushioning. In addition, the innerspring is the best when it comes to edge support, and you could even choose the firmness level of this bed to cater to your preferences.

What Size Should I Choose?

If your space and budget can accommodate it, you could go big for your mattress if you want. Going big is an ideal option – especially if you’re sleeping with a partner, if your toddler co-sleeps with you, or if you want the luxury of sprawling out. With more room as you sleep, you’ll also spend less time scrunched up, lessening the risks of muscle pain in the morning.

However, if your space can’t handle the size of a king (76 by 80 inches), you could opt to get a queen (60 by 80 inches) or a complete bed (53 by 80 inches). You could even get a smaller-size mattress if you sleep alone and you’re uncomfortable with extra space. Overall, when it comes to your mattress size, make sure to take into consideration the number of sleepers, the area of your bedroom, and your bed frame as well.

What’s My Sleeping Position?

Your sleeping position will determine your comfortability levels as you sleep. Here, you’ll experience aches in the morning if your body isn’t appropriately supported while you sleep. Thus, it’s best to know your sleeping position and accustom your mattress to cater to such.

Whatever your sleeping position may be, the best thing to note is your spinal support – which should be straight except for the curve in your lower back and your pressure points – which are the heavier areas of your body. You will want a bed that fully supports your spine and aids in pressure relief on your joints.

How Much Should I Spend?

If your heart is set on an affordable mattress, you could always get the innerspring bed. However, if you’re willing to overspend, you could get the hybrid or foam. With your money in mind, it’s best to note that cheaper beds don’t always guarantee quality and durable materials. Likewise, you can expect luxury mattresses to have denser and heavier layers.

Is There A Return Policy?

Knowing a company’s return policy is necessary – as it seals your trust through a robust plan for your purchases. For this, you will have to look into the company, whether they offer a free trial period or requirements set before you can initiate a return. By doing so, you enlighten yourself on whether you may be able to return the product quickly and hassle-free in case of tearing.


With these five questions to guide you in your mattress hunt, no longer will your mind be clouded by unnecessary thoughts. Likewise, you will quickly get your hands on a quality mattress as this guide has tailored you to find such. Thus, get your hunt going and, ultimately, your sleep serene and sound!

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