5 Passions That You Can Turn Into A Passive Income

August 17, 2021

Having a passion is more than excitement nowadays. Thanks to technology and worldwide accessibility, it is easier than ever to turn your passion into a profit. 

If you are considering changing your career or simply want to make money on the side, here are five passions that can easily be turned into an income.

Real estate investing

Real estate investment is a great way to make money. You can guarantee a profit in most cases due to property prices increasing year on year. 

Getting into multifamily real estate investing is a great way to guarantee a profit in the market. You will be able to rent out your property to multiple families and gain the most profit. Whether you want to invest in holiday hotels or apartment complexes, you can lease your space to multiple tenants and guarantee a high return of profit.

Other ways to invest your money into real estate and turn your passion into a business include:

  • Vacation rentals – ideal for those into travel
  • Long-term rentals – for those looking for a guaranteed regular income
  • Renting out a room – great for those getting started and have spare space to make money

Stream your gaming

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You can make money from gaming through streaming at home. If you enjoy your games and have a privatized setup (with no family members interfering or in the background) you could set up a camera, a streaming account, and share your gaming with the world. 

You can soon turn your passion into a profit when you gain followers and they contribute to your open funds. If followers like your gaming skills, they can donate to your account. The more followers you gain, the more profit you will make. 


If you are into writing and want to share your tips, stories, or ideas with the world, you can do so by creating an ebook. Ebooks are accessible online for the world to view and purchase. 

You can write about any topic of choice and share your book through Amazon or other ebook services. There, you can sell your book to those into finding new information and authors. 

Ensure to establish yourself as an author by sharing your book elsewhere online. You can build your reputation and put your name out there by sharing your book and ideas on social media or a blog. The more excitement you create surrounding the release of your ebook(s), the more customers you will gain. 

Ensure to write about topics that you are well-knowledged and passionate about to gain the most interest.


Another way of being creative and gaining a profit is through art. Whether you like to draw, paint, or make objects, you can sell them on the online market. 

There are multiple platforms to sell your goods on:

  • Etsy and eBay: you can easily sell your goods online using a service that promotes small businesses. Etsy and eBay are great examples of services that can help you sell your artwork.
  • Blogs: if you want to share your products through a personal website, a blog is a great idea. There, you can build a shop and sell your goods to your customers. It is an easy way to share your story as well as your products so that your customers can get to know you on a more personal level.
  • Websites: if you have enough products and know-how to build a website, you can sell your goods there. An e-commerce store will make it easy for you to sell your goods and automate the orders. 
  • Social media: you can create your own brand and promote your products using social media. You can share links online for your followers to click through and purchase. 

Social media

Many people are now passionate about social media and creating and sharing content. If that’s you, then you can make a profit from it. Here’s how:

  • Marketing: if you are passionate about sharing content and growing a following, then you will be a keen and effective marketer. You could start your own digital marketing business to help brands increase their awareness and help them attain online success.
  • Content creation: content creation services are a popular way to help brands build their businesses. If you like to create content, then you could do so for other brands. 
  • Schedule posts: many brands like to share regular content yet do not have the time to do so. You could help them schedule their posts and ensure that they maximize their results on social media.
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