5 Luxury Home Designs All Celebrities Do That You Can, Too!

Celebrities have some of the most amazing homes that we can take inspiration from. The great news is that it doesn’t cost that much to emulate their fine taste. There are several ways you can incorporate luxury design into your home just like a celebrity would. Here are some of them.

1. Garden rooms

Having nature indoors can have a great impact on your well-being. But beyond that, it gives you a nice feeling of being truly in your home. Most celebrities create their own escape in their homes via a garden room. You too, can incorporate this idea even if you don’t have a green thumb.

Find a spare room or bare area in the house that receives a lot of natural light and start bringing in plants. Go for easy-to-maintain ones like the snake plant, bamboo, orchid, and aloe vera. You can’t fail with succulents too. Then, you just, add a seating area where you can read, drink tea, or just lay down and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you.

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2. Home theater

Make movie nights extra special by making your TV area into a theatre space. No need for a spare room on this one. A sofa can add flair to your home but an ultra-comfy one with abundant seating that can accommodate everyone in the house will really take your living room to the next level. 

Then, make sure the side tables are spacious enough to hold everything you need like the remote control, snacks, and drinks. Keep the front of the couch as bare as possible, and opt for a low coffee table so you have the best view of the screen possible.

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3. Unexpected pops of color

In the most unique celebrity homes, you will find that they incorporate bright colors to express their personal style. This can easily be achieved by choosing furniture and decor in bright hues that are in contrast with the rest of your interior whether it’s a pink statement coffee table or a bright blue refrigerator.

The next time you go shopping for a big item in your house, pick a color that would best work with your current decor. This will add an element of fun to your space making it enjoyable to look at.

4. Open shelves as decor

Celebrity homes look pristine with open shelves displaying several items that speak a lot about their interests. Open shelves can be in your living room, dining room, or kitchen. Here, you can put items you are proud of like personal photos, books, awards, travel souvenirs, etc. When it comes to the kitchen, feel free to put up your finest china as well as your most-used pots and pans.

For open shelves to truly work with your space, you have to ensure that the rest of the area is clutter-free. Having random things lying around that aren’t aesthetically pleasing will only take away the attention from the beautiful items displayed on your shelves.

5. Curves and arches

We’re seeing a lot of curves in the interior design space this year which means more designers and architects are bringing in curvy furniture into celebrity homes too. It’s anything but new as we’ve seen this furniture trend flourish in the ’50s. It has made a comeback partially because they are now available at reasonable prices.

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Curvy furniture like sofas and sectionals are the perfect combination of modern and feminine. They add a soft touch to your space and are more conducive to conversations. If you can’t buy a brand new curved couch right now, don’t fret. You can start small with an oversized floor pouf that will enhance the soft and cozy vibe in your living room.

Which of these home ideas are you interested in the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo credit: A sneak peek at CNN anchor Don Lemon’s luxury home in Harlem.

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