5 Hacks For A Healthier Week

working out fitneessOur friends at Refinery29 say that you should never drag yourself to the gym again: Shape has 12 tips and tricks that will motivate you to stick to your morning workout — and maybe even enjoy it.
Of course, that workout might be feeling harder than it needs to be if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Here are three other things that happen to you when you’re sleep-deprived. Spoiler alert: None of them are good.

Give your cozy bowl of oatmeal a makeover tomorrow morning. Well + Good suggests baking it — or, when all else fails, throwing some cheese in it.

Of course, your non-breakfast meals could use a little love, too. Banish sad desk salads by making lunch ahead of time. A lunch is never sad when it’s backed up with hard-boiled eggs and pre-cooked veggies!

And finally, meet our new favorite workout accessory: the half foam roller. It adds a balance challenge to any exercise, and the benefits are real.

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