5 Great Ways To Improve Window And Door Effectiveness

December 24, 2022

Most people don’t give their windows and doors the respect they deserve.

They’re not just there to walk through in the morning or open for fresh air. Each one is designed to stop burglars from breaking into your home.

Some windows and doors keep cold air from getting inside, give you extra privacy, and prevent loud noises from disturbing you too. These are only possible if they’re working, so let’s look at how to make them more effective.

1. Simply Replace Doors And Windows

Windows and entry doors replacement in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg is the easiest solution. Nothing can maximize the effectiveness of your windows and doors more than replacing the old ones.

Even though it will cost more than other methods, it’s guaranteed to work. You can get doors no burglar will ever break through without a battering ram, and new windows won’t have any cracks warm air can escape through.

2. Checking The Caulking Every Year

If you talk to any window contractor, they’ll tell you to check the caulking every year. It will obviously be okay if your windows and doors are new, but after a few years, they will begin failing at their job.

It won’t take long to check everything because you only need to look for cracks and missing caulking. Keep a note of any damage as you walk around your home. You can replace it yourself with the right tools.

3. Damaged Trim Must Be Fixed Fast

The trim sitting around your windows and doors can be damaged in multiple ways, but they all lead to the same problems. Little bugs will find a way into your home, which isn’t ideal if you don’t like creepy crawlies walking around.

Water will also find its way inside when it’s raining, which is actually worse than it sounds. It will cause real problems if you don’t replace the trim and especially those exterior stone window sill. The water will eventually lead to mold and rotten wood if left too long.

4. Painting Your Windows And Doors

One of the main reasons doors and windows lose their effectiveness is because their lifespan keeps shrinking. If you maintain the openings, including the frames, they’ll last much longer before needing to be replaced.

It won’t take long for them to wither and die if you don’t repaint them regularly. It doesn’t need to be done every year, but any paint that’s chipping away is a problem. They might also need to be stained at the same time.

5. Clean Your Windows Every Week

How often does your window cleaner visit your home? If you can’t afford to pay them every week, it’s okay to leave it for a couple of weeks between visits. It’s pointless going into debt to clean the exterior of your windows.

That doesn’t mean you can’t clean the interior of your windows regularly. Most people do it weekly when cleaning the rest of the house. If sunlight can’t get in during winter, energy bills will be much higher.

You Need To Look After Your Home

Treat your home like a royal palace, which means looking after it properly. But unlike a royal family, you’ll need to do almost everything yourself.

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