5 Funny (But Real) Doormats That Speak To Harlem Minds

on no not you again1

It’s the first thing people notice when they arrive at your apartment door and the last thing they notice when they leave. We’re talking, of course, about doormats.

More specifically: this collection of particularly clever doormats, bound to make a lasting impression on your guests before they even step inside and possible insight into how you feel about who is at your door.

So we’ve rounded up 5 funny (but real) doormats that definitely gives your home some attitude.

1. If You Forgot The Wine Go Home $ 15
if you forgot the wine go home

2. Do You Have A Search Warrant $ 49

do you have a search warrant13. We Like Big Mutts $ 24

we like big mutts

4. We Hope You Brought Wine $ 50

we hope you brought wine2

5. Oh No Not You Again $ 27

on no not you again1

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