5 Elements That Make Real Estate Agent Recruitment Easier

October 25, 2020

Real estate recruitment has become more challenging throughout the years. Some issues that hound the industry nowadays include the lack of qualified candidates and skills mismatch, inefficient sourcing, as well as a long hiring time. Of course, there’s also the fact that every other brokerage is looking for talented real estate agents.

However, the task is not as hard as you might think. Once you have the right elements in place, you’ll find that recruiting the best people for your team becomes that much faster and smoother. Here are a few elements that will make real estate agent recruitment easier for you:

Real Estate Agent Recruiting Software

Technology has become an essential component in every industry. In real estate, apps and online tools are being used to search for properties, monitor home valuations, and manage transactions, among others. It’s only reasonable that technology’s purpose also extends to recruitment.

Investing in real estate agent recruiting software like Brokerkit can help make the process a lot easier. For one, it can automate processes such as lookups and outreach to save you time. It can also capture and segment leads, allowing you to contact both active and passive candidates. Moreover, you can use real estate recruiting software to customize and send email campaigns with ease.

Other technological investments you might want to spend your money on include document management and CRM. These are extremely useful for real estate agents, who may be more inclined to join your brokerage if they know that their needs are going to be supported. Do note, however, that most real estate recruiting software already have CRM features.

Data Analytics

Data is another powerful ally when it comes to agent recruitment. Not only can it show you where the talented agents are, but it can also pinpoint who among the applicants are best suited for your brokerage. Aside from finding the best candidates, you can also use data to minimize hiring costs. This is certainly ideal, especially if you already have a limited budget to work with.

Another advantage of using data is that you can streamline recruitment and hiring processes which can, in turn, improve the candidate experience. Finally, intelligent data can help you pinpoint issues within your recruitment campaigns and give you insights on how to improve them.

Of course, data can’t do things on its own. You have to interpret it for yourself and then develop your own solutions from there.

Email Campaigns and Templates

Another powerful tool for real estate recruitment professionals is email. With drip campaigns, for example, you can send a variety of emails and text messages that are specifically crafted for your target audience. You can send introduction emails to establish contact and rapport, send event invitations to network or promote open houses, and even send listings to prospective buyers.

Through the help of drip email campaign tools, you can automate the sending of these messages. These tools also come with templates, which are already optimized based on your goals. There are separate email marketing platforms that you can subscribe to, but there are also built-in email campaign functions in many real estate recruitment software.


Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes. As such, it’s a good idea to get regular coaching for your recruitment team not just for hiring agents but also brokers and senior-level personnel. Aside from learning from experienced recruiters, coaching also provides your team with ideas regarding the latest technologies and techniques you can apply on the job.

Finally, coaching can provide objective third-party observations. This way, you can take notes for improvement and polish your recruitment programs for the best results. Get in touch with professional coaches, as well as technical experts for skills development in both people and tech aspects. If you need more assistance get a Real Estate Exam Ninja to assist you.

A Solid Onboarding Process

Remember the recruitment doesn’t end after the agent is hired. Rather, recruitment is an ongoing process. You need to ensure that they’re not just satisfied by the job offer and its perks, but also with the working environment once they’re already working for your brokerage.

Another crucial stage of the recruitment process is the onboarding period. This is when your newly hired agents should feel the most reassured that they made the right choice of joining your team. Make sure that this stage of recruitment is as seamless as possible to make a good impression. There are various platforms you can use to showcase your brokerage’s capabilities, but what’s more important is that you’re showing a genuine experience.

Almost any job can be made easier with the right combination of tools and training. When every element is present, you can expect efficiency and productivity. For real estate agent recruitment, these five items are some of the most crucial elements in which you need to invest your resources. Doing so will not only make the entire process easier but also increase the quality of the agents you hire and make them stay longer.

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