5 Cool Piercings You’ve Probably Never Thought About

December 17, 2022

I’m sure you love the way you look, but everyone wants to try something a little different.

You don’t need to do anything too extreme, like getting a permanent tattoo, even though they’re great. Start with something a bit smaller.

If you get a piercing you don’t absolutely love, it’s easy to take out. The hole will eventually close if you give it enough time. Here are a few places you can get piercings if traditional earlobe studs don’t appeal to you.

1. Rook Piercings Are Really Popular

Most people expect to see studs or hoops in your earlobes when you walk past, but other areas of the ears stand out. Have you ever heard of a rook piercing? It’s the area between your inner conch and outer ear.

Someone will need to look at you from a certain angle to see it because it’s closer to your head than a normal piercing. You will feel pressure when getting it done because the cartilage is thick, but the bar will look striking.

2. Hoops On The Outside Of Your Ears

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You’ve probably seen people with hoops on the outside of their ears, usually somewhere near the top. The majority of them have a single hoop, but it’s possible to mix multiple hoops and studs depending on how flashy you want to be.

The area where you get the cartilage piercing is pretty thick, so it will hurt a tiny bit more than earlobe piercings. If you don’t have large earlobes that can accommodate jewelry, it’s the best place to get a few piercings.

3. A Stud On The End Of Your Tongue

If you get a stud on the end of your tongue, it will be noticeable every time you open your mouth. I’m sure your partner will be a lot more excited about kissing you. Luckily, a tongue piercing doesn’t hurt in the slightest.

It will take an extremely long time to heal compared to other parts of your body. You won’t be able to kiss anyone for a while because bacteria could contaminate it. The piercing will also feel weird until you get used to it.

4. Through The Center Of Your Nose

If you want a piercing on your nose, it doesn’t need to be done on the side of your nostril. A septum piercing will go straight through the middle of your nose, and the hoop will look like it’s sitting on your upper lip.

There are lots of cool designs you can choose from, ranging from large to small. It’s easy to hide your jewelry by using a stud, which will allow you to keep it in during work. It means you won’t risk letting your hole close.

5. A Stud in Your Eyebrow Looks Good

Eyebrow piercings are great if you want something higher up your face. It’s one of the best ways to stand out because nobody will be able to avoid it when they look at you, but a small hoop in your eyebrow is harmless.

There are other ways to pierce your eyes that aren’t so pleasant. It’s possible to put a stud through your eyelid, which makes blinking a bit painful. This kind of piercing is usually only done if you’re into a specific style.

Think Hard About Your Decision

You should always think long and hard about a big decision like a piercing. Luckily, you’ll be able to remove your jewelry if it causes problems in your life.

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