The 5 Best Sleeper’s For Any Home From Harlem To Hollywood

Shopping for a sleeper sofa or bed that doesn’t look like the sagging hand-me-down you had in college can take some patience and diggin. You want something that’s going to look nice in your apartment or home, but you also want it to be comfortable for you and your guests — and functional, a.k.a. maybe able to convert into a bed with minimal effort. To help you find the best sleeper sofa for your space and budget, we consulted our fashion folks for their suggestions.

Below are our favorites, which cover a range of styles and prices, from easy futon-style foldouts to fancy sofas with mattresses that might even rival what’s in your boudoir now


What it is: Bolland & Branch is a privately held, U.S. based, e-commerce company that sells luxury bedding online.
Why we want it: Headquartered in Summit, New Jersey, the company manufactures and sells organic cotton bed linens, blankets and bath towels and are the first maker of such goods to be certified by Fair Trade USA.

What it is: For over 30 years, Brent Wood Home is an affordable eco-luxury mattresses, pillows, wedges, bedding & sheets – handmade in California since 1987 with natural elements & healthy non-toxic materials. No middlemen or women.
Why we want it: No deceptive retailer markups. This, combined with their handcrafting excellence, allows them to provide you with luxurious goods at affordable, honest prices.

What it is: Dream Cloud is a premier hybrid mattress that combines soft cashmere, high-density foams, and encased coils to bring you the best of all possible dreamworlds.
Why we want it: It feels like the perfect combination of plush, luxurious, comfort lovingly cradling your body into a blissful night of perfect sleep.

What it is: The Buffy Comforter is the latest bedding product to hit your Facebook feed. This comforter is made with natural eucalyptus. The Buffy comforter is machine washable which is a huge plus as it allows you to keep your bedding clean and fresh without having to go to the dry cleaner.
Why we want it: The claim is that having the threads made with eucalyptus makes them more resistant to bacteria, mildew and mites. You can order a Buffy directly through their website. Shipping is fast and arrives in about 5 days.

What it is: A friend sais that Good Morning designed and shipped our first memory foam mattress in 2009. At the time, buying a mattress online without even being able to try it first was an unthinkable idea. So they created the world’s first in-home, risk-free trial.
Why we want it:  Soon their ideas and inventions were adopted as the new standard. Now, tens of thousands sleep on their mattress every night. And that number grows daily.

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