5 Best Moving PODS And Storage Container Companies 2021

November 4, 2021

If you’re seeking to relocate at a reasonable price, changing things up a little is often a good strategy for tackling the massive chore. 

That is to say, a moving container relocation might really benefit you quite a bit. It provides all of the advantages of a do-it-yourself move at a lower cost than a full-service relocation. 

This raises the issue of which businesses to select for your moving container relocation. You may want to check with local movers in the area of your new home. Many local experts like the fort worth full-service movers may already offer pod service or give you a competitive quote on a long-distance move.  Therefore, always keep in mind that the firm that is perfect for you will provide you with all of the services you want at an inexpensive price.

A reputable moving container company will ensure that your possessions arrive on schedule and undamaged. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the top five moving container companies that you should certainly consider employing. You can learn more about moving containers here. 


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PODS goes above and above to provide you with an exceptional client experience. PODS’ customer service representatives consistently get the greatest ratings in the industry, and the company offers three container sizes for further versatility. Additionally, PODS operates in virtually every state and provides both local and long-distance service. On the downside, your estimate does not include taxes, and movements more than 50 miles need a quotation. However, with this level of customer service, this is less of a disadvantage than it may be with other businesses. 

Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell’s container is one of the most unique we’ve seen. The cage-like architecture of the company enables you to secure your possessions every few inches, preventing them from falling during transit. Zippy Shell even offers to stagger the delivery of your containers in the event that you do not need them all. Thus, what is there not to adore? Regrettably, Zippy Shell is only accessible in 28 states—and your rates do not include container rental costs ($159 per month).

By staggering the delivery of your moving containers, Zippy Shell helps you save money. Due to the fact that you pay per container, prices might quickly mount up if you purchase more than you need. While most firms supply the number of containers requested—and charge accordingly—Zippy Shell delivers simply the containers you need.

If you believe you need three containers but believe you can get by with two, Zippy Shell may divide your delivery. By delivering two containers on the same day but booking a third for a later date, you may cancel the next planned delivery if it turns out you do not need it. And, given that a single Zippy Shell container may cost well over $1,000, you’re looking at significant savings. 


SMARTBOX takes the guesswork out of moving container purchasing. While many firms charge hidden costs or do not include taxes, SMARTBOX provides you with single total pricing upfront. Additionally, SMARTBOX offers discounts to college students and protects its containers with waterproof coverings. However, there are certain drawbacks. Along with its exorbitant rates, SMARTBOX receives poor reviews from consumers who have difficulty contacting its telephone operators and a lack of availability.

SMARTBOX provides something unique in the moving container industry: uncomplicated pricing. While many other organizations add hidden costs, split your final bill into many installments, or keep you in the dark about how much taxes will cost and when they will be paid, SMARTBOX simplifies the process. You just pay a single, uncomplicated bill (taxes included). That is all. If every business operates in this manner. 

1-800-PACK-RAT—Tons of deals

1-800-PACK-RAT provides the most savings and price match guarantees of any moving container provider. Its high-quality containers come at a premium price—but only initially. Due to several reductions, 1-800-PACK-costs RAT’s for moving containers are often lower than the industry average. And that’s saying something for a moving business that uses the industry’s toughest containers.

Additionally, 1-800-PACK-RAT provides local and long-distance delivery (some companies do only one or the other). The primary disadvantage is that 1-800-PACK-invoices RAT’s might be confusing (they divide your invoice down into so many different rates that you may be unsure of your ultimate pricing). 

U-Pack—Best overall

U-costs Pack’s are so inexpensive that they save you around $400 in comparison to other moving container providers. You’re probably familiar with the adage, “More money, more problems.” Now you can ascertain whether or not this is true.

However, it does not end there. Additionally, U-Pack offers a pay-as-you-go strategy that enables you to purchase additional containers—but only pay for them if you use them. Additionally, it has excellent customer evaluations and offers immediate online quotations to simplify your life (who wants to wait on the phone these days?). On the disadvantage, U-Pack does not allow you to keep the U-Pack ReloCube at your residence (which is inconvenient if you want to empty the container over many days) and only provides long-distance removals. 

Bottom Line

Companies that provide moving and storage containers are an excellent method to save money on your next move. These businesses are less costly than full-service movers, but they relieve you of the responsibility of doing everything yourself. Ensure that you weigh all of your alternatives and choose the firm that is the greatest match for your circumstances.

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