5 Best Green Malay Kratom Vendors In 2021

March 22, 2021

There are so many different strains of Kratom, and various strains have different potency and properties.

One of the most popular is Super Green Malay Kratom, which is perhaps the most effective strain – people who use it claim that it has long-lasting effects. However, while it’s one of the most used Kratom strains, it’s also very budget-friendly.

There are plenty of retailers and online shops where you can buy Green Malay Kratom. Here are the top 5 Green Malay Kratom Vendors in 2021.

1. The Golden Monk

Golden Monk is one of the most reliable and reputable companies that sell Kratom products. Although relatively new to the market, it has already gotten approval from the American Kratom Association.

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It imports Kratom from Indonesia, which is a fundamental determinant of quality. Every product the company sells is tested in the lab for pesticides and chemicals. Golden Monk makes sure that each product is packaged in a tested and controlled environment so you can be sure that no contamination can occur during the shipping process.

The prices are very fair, as well, and the company has a wide range of diverse offers. Since the site is very precisely and professionally designed, you’ll have no problem finding Green Malay Kratom. If you need a vendor who sends online shipments quickly, Golden Monk has a well-deserved good reputation.

Also, it always has some exciting offers for new customers – you can already get a significant discount on your first purchase. If you become their customer, then be sure to take advantage of the customer loyalty program through which you can earn redeemable points that you can use to get a discount on each subsequent purchase.

2. Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot is based in California and is the largest Kratom company on the market. For now, every Kratom product it imports comes from Southeast Asia. It has an extensive range of products, with over 30 different strains on its site.

You can shop by category, so it will be easy for you to find Green Malay Kratom in the blink of an eye. The site is designed very professionally, so you’ll be able to find any information you are interested in. Kratom Spot’s products are very affordable, even for high-quality Kratom strains such as Green Malay.

All the products it sells are free of chemicals and additives that can be harmful to people’s health. The company has lab-testing reports for each product and strives to maintain a reputation as the most reliable vendor.

The company has a strict refund policy and guarantees a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality. That can be a significant advantage for people who are just discovering what Kratom is and its benefits.

3. Kraatje

Kraatje is a Dutch company and perhaps the largest Kratom supplier in Europe that allows customers to order products online. The company is known for fast delivery and claims that its Kratom is the freshest on the market because it has daily shipments and is constantly procuring new stocks.

Reviews say that their Green Malay Kratom is always fresh, which is very important for people who use it to relieve pain. The prices are very fair, and the company has different payment options. Another important thing is that there’s up-to-date customer service support, so you can always ask questions that interest you about the company and the product.

4. Kraken Kratom

Of all the Kratom vendors we have listed, Kraken Kratom has been selling Kratom for the longest time. Therefore, it has the most experience in sales and the most diverse offer of Kratom products. The company is known for selling, in addition to the regular ones, the highest quality, and rarest Kratom strains.

Kraken Kratom also has excellent customer support. With your first purchase, you can get discounts by getting coupons for each subsequent purchase, and the product delivery is very reliable and fast. The offer is relatively wide, so even people who use Kratom for health problems can find the exact type and strain they need.

5. Kratom Crazy

Kratom Crazy is engaged in the sale of specific Kratom products, mainly Green Malay Kratom. This company doesn’t have an offer nearly as diverse as others on this list, but it focuses on quality and has proven to be a reliable seller.

Kratom Crazy is prompt in sending products, so Green Malay will be on your doorstep in no time. Each of its products has been tested for chemicals and additives because it’s very committed to quality. People buy Green Malay Kratom to treat anxiety, painful inflammation, and many different conditions, and it’s important to them that the products are pure and free of chemicals.


People often encounter scammers and unreliable online vendors. The Kratom market is vast, and it’s difficult to choose who to trust. Well, these are some of the most trusted Green Malay Kratom vendors in 2021 – we hope that you’ll find it easier to select your Green Malay supplier.

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