4 Perfect Gift Ideas For Pet Snake Owners

January 11, 2021

Nowadays people have the freedom to house a lot of different sorts and kinds of animals, and sometimes that animal is going to be a snake! This is not an uncommon choice actually, a lot of people are snake owners all over the world, so it’s not as weird as you may think! But, obviously, if you are not a snake owner yourself, you probably don’t even know how it’s like to own one in the first place, so if you are friends with a snake owner…what would you get them as a gift? There are so many options, you can be as creative as you can but it’s probably best to be practical in this case! So here are 4 perfect gift ideas for pet snake owners!

1.Gift Card

So, you want to buy a gift for your snake owner friend, but you literally have no clue what to get them, nor the time to explore the possibilities. Since there are so many types of snakes a person can own, chances are you are simply not an expert in reptiles, so you don’t know what food they eat, what their habits are, and similar. This is totally understandable, so what you want to do, is get the easiest yet the most efficient gift you can and that is buying a gift card! This is great as the owner can go to a pet shop and purchase whatever they need and tailor it to their pet snake – this the best-case scenario, way better than getting something that won’t be of use at all. Since snakes are not exactly pets that play with toys and all of them have specific portions of food, you want to be as practical as possible a\with the gift and you’ll nail it with the gift card!

2.Heating Pad

Sure snakes are pretty flexible and act as if they are made from rubber – but in all actuality, they need to be comfortable too! That’s what there are pads designed specifically for snakes that can even heat up too! The vivarium is made from solid and cold material that’s far from something a snake would enjoy, so adding a nice, cozy pad will certainly make all the difference. Above all else, heating pads are meant to be placed on the sides, so it can create a hotspot of a sort. Snakes need to regulate their temperature, and they can do so if their cage has more health levels! The owner will be pleased with this gift and will put it to good use!

3.Vivarium Accessories

As you already know, a big part of a snake owner’s life is setting up the cage, or a vivarium for their pet snake. A lot goes into it actually, if the owner wants their snake to be happy and healthy the vivarium needs to look the part, to at least assimilate nature even a little bit. So getting the pet owner some new accessories for their vivarium is such a thoughtful gift idea! It can always come in handy once the owner decides to switch things up in the snake’s cage! It’s all about making it look and feel like a home that the snake obviously deserves! This can be anything from special branches and oddly shaped wood to greenery. It all depends on the size of the snake and the vivarium in the first place!

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If you do know even a little bit about the snake and its owner, you’ll know what kind of food it eats! This is a practical, simple yet it’s a good gift to buy. The owner will probably be surprised you picked up the snake food, well in most cases it’s going to be rodents but it can all vary due to the size and type of snake someone owns. Some eat insects and frogs whilst others prefer birds and even rabbits. Do a little bit of digging around, ask some questions in the pet store and you’ll be good to go! Just don’t purchase a small mouse for a 6ft python – he will not be happy about it! If you can look past the initial grossness, you’ll be bringing the most useful present to the party!

You won’t miss it even if you try, pet snakes aren’t as complicated as you may think and so are their owners, getting a gift for them shouldn’t be a problem! Especially with all the knowledge, you’ll acquire along the way, you’ll know exactly what to choose as the perfect gift! So don’t shy away from delving into the world of reptiles, and remember to thank the owner for taking care of such a magnificent animal!

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