4 Of The Best Gift Ideas For A Kayaking Enthusiast From Harlem To Hollywood

October 23, 2020

When it comes to giving gifts to outdoor enthusiasts, then your options are seemingly endless. A trail runner may need a new running pack or water bottle.

A skier may want new goggles. A backpacker may need a new sleeping bag. There are numerous options for gift giving when it comes to outdoor hobbies and finding the right gift can be easier than you think.

Why Kayak? 

Kayaking has been around for decades but has recently grown in popularity as kayaks have become increasingly easier to transport. This is due to built-in roof racks that come with certain models of newer cars along with different types of kayaks, such as inflatable ones that make it easier to transport them from your home to the water.

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Kayaking enthusiasts can maintain their sport at a relatively cheap cost once they buy their initial gear. However, according to the experts at FantasticKayaks.com, there are many things that you give a kayaking enthusiast as a gift. With all of the upgraded life vests and oars, you’ll always be able to find the right gift for any kayaker’s birthday or Christmas present. 

Four Gift Ideas

As there is nothing more exhilarating than a jaunt down the river through some rapids for a kayaker or a peaceful float in the evening after a stressful day of work, giving them a gift that can be used for their favorite outdoor hobby is a perfect idea. Listed here are four great gifts that you can give your favorite kayaking pro:

1. A Kayak Anchor

A kayak anchor is important to have on your kayak at all times. As the job of the kayaker is to paddle and keep the kayak moving, there are times where you may want to rest or stop in order to fish or simply take a break. An anchor gives the kayaker the ability to stay in one place. Choosing the right anchor for your kayaker is important as you want to be sure that it is the right fit for their kayak. Buying a cheap anchor is not ideal as they can fall apart, and you don’t want to strand your kayaker with your gift. It is best to find a high-quality anchor that folds and can easily be stored in the kayak during use. It is also important to consider the weight of the anchor as well as what it is made out of. There are anchors that are rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which are important things to consider since the life of the anchor is spent in the water. 

2. An Improved Kayaking Life Vest. 

It is highly likely that your kayaker already has a life vest as they are essential to kayaking. But there are many different types of life vests on the market and many new and improved models come out every year. Equipping your loved one with the right life vest not only gives them a gift, but you are also gifting them with safety as well. 

3. A Kayaking Paddle. 

Another great gift option for your kayaking sweetheart is to find the right paddle for them. When faced with the wrong paddle for your size, weight, or your kayak, then you may experience pain in the long run or difficulty moving as swiftly as you would like. Choosing the right kayaking paddle is essential and this is a great gift idea.

4. A Kayaking Trolling Motor. 

Any kayaker who is serious about kayaking will eventually want to have a trolling motor. A trolling motor is a motor that attaches to the kayak to help move it along quicker. This eases the pain of only paddling on long trips and makes fishing a lot easier. There are numerous types of trolling motors to consider when shopping for one as a gift.

You’ll want to consider the quality of each build of motors as well as the type of boat that they can be used with. You’ll also want to consider the speed of the motors and their weight. Another thing to look for when it comes to shopping for the right trolling motor is the sound! You’ll want to find the quietest motor that you can so your kayaker can experience the same serenity on the water as before.

Of course,  you can also gift them with a new kayak! There are many great, new kayaks on the market that are easily transportable as well as light. With all of the options out there, you’ll have enough gifts to give your special kayaker gifts for every special occasion!

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