4 DIY Harlem Halloween Costumes For The Entire Family

sock puppetThere’s no need to spend a lot of money on a Halloween costume! Make your own this year with these easy and creative DIY costumes from our friends at Materials for the Arts to show you how to create DIY costumes for Halloween.

1. The Animal Mask

  • Cut out poster board into an animal head shape you love
  • Cut out holes for the eyes
  • Attach strings on both sides of mask
  • Decorate with markers, stickers, buttons, feathers, etc.

2. Go Medieval


  • Take measurements for top clothe to wrap around shoulders
  • Use metallic mesh material and cut out holes for head and arms
  • Use ribbon or neck tie around waist as a belt
  • Cut out metallic apron and tie around neck

3. Sock Puppet

sock puppet

  • Use cardstock and form into an accordion fold for the mouth
  • Use a sock and cut out the toe area
  • Glue cardstock to the cut out opening
  • Decorate with buttons for eyes, feathers for the hair, and yarn

4. Bird Mask

  • Cut poster board into a rectangle and trim two curves on the bottom
  • Cut out holes for the eyes
  • Bend in the middle for a beak-like structure
  • Layer with colored paper and decorate

Materials for the Arts is a program of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, with support from the Departments of Sanitation and Education. They collect a wide variety of reusable materials from businesses and individuals and make them available for free to nonprofits and civic organizations with arts programming and public schools.

So, what are you wearing? And do you have any other costume ideas? Leave ’em in the comments below (and send us snapshots of your big debut!).

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